Screen burn in on A4 mk2

Hi just bought an A4mk2 open box, ex demo, which has 3 yrs manu warranty. A few minor issues but this one is bugging me - it looks like text has burnt into the lcd? Is this a setting or is it fried? will add some images in a mo … OK can’t add images so just put 3 on dropbox

Yeah you got a demo unit they left on in the shop all day every day before they had screen savers, think it’s covered by warranty you should message elektron with a support ticket.
You probably going to have to send it away for a few months to get fixed.
You probably got a good price but going to have to wait for it now

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Or return it? Prefer a refund than wait weeks…

They tried to sell me the demo I wouldn’t take it even though a lot cheaper.
I’m in Australia don’t want to be sending it across the world to Sweden

Yeah the screen is burnt, up to you what to do
If you are prepared to wait you end up with a good deal
Not sure exactly how long it would take, maybe contact elektron

My DT was only a 2 week turn arround in AUS…
I would ask elektron…

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Yeah not a massive amount cheaper - $400 or so AUD … I expected more, and to that the C key and two others are double triple tapping (meaning you press once and get multiple responses) … and some of the lettering started to rub off … $1800 no way. Won’t mention who it is, we know …

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Was that a screen and some key fixes? So they have local repairers?

$1800.00 is exactly what I paid for mine 2nd hand and it’s in excellent condition…

Probably used less than a demo unit. Send it back and find a Gumtree deal you can view and test when you pick it up locally.

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No that was an earth fault that they investigated, found the problem and then just replaced the unit. Not Locally I shipped internationally…

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Yeah last time I bought an open ‘demo’ box about 9 years ago I remember all the same issues, end up spending days faffing around, probably ends up costing as much as just getting a full price new one that works … should have learnt my lesson. Although 9 years is pretty good :slight_smile:

$400 is a fair bit cheaper,
I assume I know the place if you are in Sydney I probably looked at the same one.
If it was just the screen and you were patient you could save $400.
But with the other problems I would return it tbh get a new one
Probably been sitting in there for years as demo

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As we say in Germany…

Wer billig kauft, kauft zweimal.

Who buys cheap, buys (pays) twice.

I stopped buying s/h or Demo Units. Too much hassle, just to save a few bucks. Not worth it.

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Indeed - as I said burned 9 years ago …

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Has anyone replaced their screen? Covered by warranty? Or how expensive was it?

Already starting to see signs of burn in on my 2 month old Octatrack mk2,
It has the screen saver and everything and I try never to leave it on the same screen too long.

The screen saver needs to come on faster like 10 min not an hour

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This is not the 1980s. Electronics have moved on i believe. Why are such cheap screens used in high end products? Its not necessary. You can pick up a 55 inch lcd 4k tv for £400 so dont tell me a tiny 3 inch screen is expensive to manufacture and would raise costs. Pretty lacklustre imo.


It was covered by warranty as it was sold as new from the store, but they were taking too long - 3 weeks went by and I still had no ETA of when it would get fixed. So got a refund and bought a new, new one for about $250 more… not worth the hassle further down the line of having other things go wrong with it. Now super happy with a brand new one!