Scene Presets

Hi there,

I am a bit lazy in terms of creating scenes - howver this is a great tool.

Is there a way to get somewhere scene presets installed for my kits?

Maybe a dowload and install via Overbridge?

Or even if someone can share tipps and I have to do it manually.

It’s worth doing it yourself, and really doesn’t take much effort :slight_smile:

You can’t beat scenes that are customised to the project/track!

Re: tips - here are a few simple examples:

-Use a scene to transpose a riff up and octave

-Use a scene to mute the kick, while at the same time bringing the decay of a hat up

-Use a scene to change the sample playing on any given track, for a quick switch, which is easily recalled back to original state for great live improvisational versatility

Can give you more, but it’s really about figuring out how best to use the tool for your own needs :slight_smile: Hope that goes someway in helping anyway!

Not sure if there are any presets, IMO the beauty of scenes is that you can cater the parameter changes to exactly meet the tracks requirements; therefore presets will never achieve this level of customised attention to detail.

Other idea : change the pitch of the bass while lowering the volume of the hats…
It helps bringing life/evolution to a pattern… Just take your time, learn this, you’ll be rewarded !

ok thanks, will try it out!!!

Hold a SCENE pad, hit the SCENE button on top
SCENE is locked.