Scene Octatrack


Hi ! I ask this to have ideas and help.
I am on a track techno 4/4 with AR, A4, OT.
AR and A4 in input and machine thru in OT.
My track is complete and I’m only looking for a scene idea to do in the OT to create a break, a tension.
But I am short of idea, I tried a lot of things and I would like to have external ideas on octatrack scene. Can be a drum roll with the rhythm? but how to proceed so that it stays in sync? Or what effect do you use in your scene to create tension? Maybe you have idea that I would not think so I’m waiting for your proposals, it may make me take a little inspiration. thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Scenes with external gear might be difficult, you can only controll CC48 with the CF I think.
But what about fill mode? May be that worked with midi. I’ve never tried it so far.


I had not think yet of midi cc … it’s a great idea cc and fill mode! I’m going to look at this idea :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m also thinking about new ideas of combo effects / LFO on my thru machine AR (with my drums) to create a break or a variation that would be cool with a scene which I would not have think . or even with perf or AR scene.
If you have any ideas ? :slightly_smiling_face:


Instead of a Thru you can use a Flex track playing its recorder, with rec trigs corresponding to track trigs.
Timestretch off.
Pitch, short release with minimum hold, retrig, trig counts (microtiming menu), rate, etc…