Scene locks / Fader: Not working until reboot

So that is a physical problem. How old? How long you had it? Under warranty?

Could just be dust et al in the fader


Doesn’t seem great. @rusty, what about a calibration?

calibrate your crossfader in test mode (Fn + Power On)

Problems resolved by calibration are usually wrong values, but with effective changes with scenes, so I’m not sure it would work.

Was it sudden?

Great lol. Love when its the day of a gig too :tired_face: Yeah has been pretty sudden. I think it was working last night or day before. Had it since 2015 so not under warranty anymore. I have someone to fix though local. I’ve also Had an issue with a blown main output so maybe this stems from when we opened up the box this week.

Have you got a midi controller with a crossfader or a fader?
Even a cheap one can save your gig.
A knob is not practical.

Already on it lol. The QuNeo is a behemoth. Thanks for the help, y’all. I rate you both 5 Star!

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Good luck with your gig and crossfader repair…
So your OT is matte too? Mine is old, minimum 6 years, but I don’t know exactly, minimum third hand orphan…:slightly_frowning_face:

I post the crossfader calibration procedure, if it concerns someone.

The crossfader is connected via a ribbon cable; maybe it has not been reseated correctly?


Yes, I’d try that, if your gig is not in 1 hour!

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I reseated the ribbons to the main board. still no go…

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OK! I figured it out! Almost… the ribbon cable was reseated incorrectly (just the opposite direction… But now my crossfader is sending information backwards i.e. Crossfader to the right sends to Scene A and vice versa. Was this something I reset or need to reset again?

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OKOKOK! I figured out the reset lol! Crossfader working and I am officially an idiot! Thank you Rusty and sezare for bearing with me a few weeks back :slight_smile:

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Not if you explain clearly what was the WTF moment! :smile:

I was just trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do for 2 weeks without the OT so I decided to open it up again to double check dust and ribbons. Lo and behold I actually have to twist the crossfader ribbon cable in the wrong direction for it to seat correctly… I re-reseated it, now we’re back!


guys, I abandoned my issue long ago, eventually it turned out to be alright - it was just the scene-configuration I misunderstood.

anyway, reading the following section was pretty amusing.

jurassic, you’re certainly no idiot, it’s just this fucking piece of gear was designed by plenty of them.

I’m having it for a year now, and this gear is a pure nightmare. used it for more than 1000 hours, not one single good beat came out of it.

neither did I hear from established producers who actually WROTE a song on that piece of shit.

don’t waste your money again, sell your OT, get an s950 and an old atari with cubase st instead and you’d be 10 times iller than any user in this forum.

Send me your OT, I can give you 2 Ataris with Cubase! Why did you keep it if you don’t know how to use it after one year?


I’m totally thinking of selling or maybe simply destroying it, taping it all on video, eventually uploading to Elektron’s Facebook.

Dude, what do you mean by “knowing how to use it?”
What’s the definition of good music to you?
Lame-ass beats like Cuckoo or Halution have been doin?

You spent the whole morning spitting on the OT. … Just sell it if if doesn’t fit your needs. As for a definition of good music, just begin by showing what you got !


:construction_worker_man: :hammer_and_wrench:

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VHS or Betamax?

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