Scarlett vs Clarett OctoPre - Line level A>D use only

Hey gang

This is for adding 8 inputs to my UA Twin… line level use only, via ADAT.

I have a proper discount on Focusrite via work. Their web shop prices are about €100 higher than all shops. That said, there’s only a €100 difference between NEW Scarlett and a REFURB Clarett. Figure that’s a safe bet coming from the manufacturer site, plus 2 year ext warranty etc.

Now then, I know it’s only €100, but is there a major difference re: A/D conversion of line level input? Re: price consideration, with the discount the refurb Clarett costs the same as a new Scarlett in shops, so basically what I was going to spend before i got the hookup anyway. But yeah, €100 is €100 and I’ve got session players and mastering to pay for. :slight_smile:

So it works out to:
Scarlett - €100 under budget
Clarett - same as orginal budget

What would you do? :slight_smile:

Thanks y’all!

For your needs I would say go for the Scarlett Octopre.

Using it as a line level input only I wouldn’t think there would be a huge difference but it may be worth getting both if possible so you can A B them then decide which one to keep.
When recording sessions remember you will need a d-sub cable (at extra cost) with the Clarett to use the outputs. With the Scarlett you can connect to wedge monitor or a headphone amp easily.

Of course, if you would make use the the mic pres at some point in the future 100% go for the Clarett.

Thanks, @OverUnity! I appreciate the feedback. This is basically to tide me over until I can afford to upgrade to an Apollo x8, so hell, I guess I’ll get the Scarlett and save a bit of cash. I appreciate your time!

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