Scale Menu LEN=Inf/ CHNG=64 why won't the patterns change when chained?

Am I doing something wrong here???

On the menu it states

“CHNG controls for how long the active pattern will play before a cued or chained pattern will begin
to play. This setting is important when for example LEN is set to INF. If no CHNG setting is made, the pattern will play in nitely, and the next pattern will thus not be cued. But if CHNG, for instance, is set to 64, the pattern will behave like a pattern consisting of 64 steps regarding cuing and chaining.”

This is exactly how I’ve set LEN to INF and CHNG to 64 steps. But the pattern will not proceed to the next when chained or in song mode.

What OS are you running on the machine?

1.35 A for Analog 4 MK2

Should I speak with customer support?

Seems like they don’t really upkeep the forum.

Cuz yer on INF…the pattern never ends, so the pattern never changes.

You just have a 64 step pattern/loop the repeats forever.

READ my post and the menu

i did…i maintain the same response.

have fun.

Im speaking from experience, when EVER set to INF the pattern will not change. Not even if the transport is stopped. You need to full stop (hit stop twice) to be able to change the pattern.

Again, i DID read what you wrote. Answer remains the same.

Being rude wont fix it.

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Wonder if this guy will come back and apologise to you after he realises you were right

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I don’t get it…
The chng parameter does not work as stated in the manual…
Same on my AR, last OS before the dvco update…

Did you mean it worked before the last update?

Must be a bug or something and should get addressed by Elektron.

How long is your chain? It didnt werk when i did a chain of 2. But more than a chain of 2 werked.
The chain in the vid is 1, 2, 1, 2

added vid:

No… Does not work for me on AR using the final OS that still works with the original Overbridge. I have not updated to the latest OB2/dvco OS but I feel like I’ve read reports its not working there either.

Chng parameter only works using manual sequential change, does not work for chains or songs as stated in the manual. Does not work from external program change either…

I’ve been away from my AR for awhile, looking at my notes I wrote it says not working with per track mode, long master length. Maybe it has to have different track lengths too (per track mode), but that would make sense if using a long pattern length that you’d be in per track mode…

Can’t test as I don’t have my machine, but can verify chng is not working as in the manual, I’m sure I’ve posted about this multiple times before…

Thanks for confirming this.