Saving sounds on Analog4

A sound, sounds different on different tracks 1 -4,
and also by saving, how shall I know what details of it are now save? I just want to save what I hear.
can I, or must I, initialize tracks one by one therefore?
can I save the LFO and ARP adjustments?

By saving a Sound, you save every parameter on every page of it.
No sound lock obviously.

One of the things that can change the Sound from outside of it is some Performance Macro : Performance is set at the Kit level and can tweak some parameters without you seing the reflection of it on the Sound parameters.

Another thing is the FX send : here again, FX are set at the Kit level so their effect is not stored within the Sound.

Thank You, Yes, from an initialized KIT, the sounds are staying the same now.

only the ARP adjustments are not kept with the saved sound?

ARP settings are not part of a sound (or indeed a kit)
they’re stored in a pattern !!

sorry I’m going crazy! once I have created a sound from scratch, how do I save it to memory and then load it whenever I need it? can you explain it to me well? thank you