Saving Sounds and Sound management

Hi There,

I’m trying to save individual sounds from a project, which seems to be a cumbersome activity, you need to load a kit and from there save individual sounds.

Do I miss something? Is there a way where you can see an overview of all the individual sounds within a project?


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Sounds and Kits are two different things if I get it correctly.

Saving Sounds individually is really interesting when you want a very nice sound to be accessible from other Kits, or for Sound locks (for this you will have to upload it in the Pool).

The sounds in Kits are different animals, they are saved when you save the Kit.

The thing to really get the hang of it is to use he shortcuts YES+Kit to save a Kit and NO+Kit to reload it.
While you can NO+Sound reload only one sound of a Kit, YES+Sound will ask where you want to save the Sound, which would show the sound is not shared among different Kits (I hope I’m right on this one :zonked: )

So in the end, I’d say : don’t bother to save individual Sounds unless you really want to reuse them outside of a Kit.

What’s your POV, 'Nauts ?


[YES] + [MUTE] to save a sound