Saving Clips selections / Saving different slot in a channel


Question 1

How can I save the chop clips of a sample in a flex track machine to don’t loose it after turn off octatrack?

Question 2

How Can I select a different slot ‘‘instrument’’ in a channel of a project and let it preset in a new pattern of a project?

example : having 6 tracks with drums and 1 with guitar , 1 with bass, how can I change that slot guitar with a new one in a new pattern?

Thank you!

You mean save the slices settings?
This creates or updates a file associated with the sample. This settings are automatically loaded with the sample, if it is in the same folder, so move it too if you move the sample. Ex :

In a new project, default track samples are slots 1-8 (static of flex) for tracks 1-8. This settings are stored in Parts.
If you want to assign a different slot to a track in a different pattern, you have to change Part*, otherwise it will mess up your previous pattern(s).

There are 4 parts per bank (16x4), each bank being independent. New bank means new parts.

*Another way I prefer in a song is to use Sample Locks (hold a trig and choose sample with LEVEL). Otherwise you have to copy/paste parts oftenly when you make changes in a part (machines, fx, etc).

Beware, if you change a sample in a slot, it changes it for the whole project.


Bro! Thank you for your wisdom! I really appreciate it.
The only thing missing is what commands to use to save slots per part?

Thank you for your time!

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No sure to understand. No way to save slots, except saving the project, slots depends on the project. You can save parts individually to relaod them, but they are also saved with the project anyway.

As I said, with a new project, tracks 1-8 default slots assignments are 1-8 for all parts.
A bank has 16 patterns, with Part 1 as default.

You can change those assignments just by choosing another slot on a Flex or Static track. These changes affects all the patterns of a bank using the same part (Part 1 by default).
They don’t affect other banks.

Ex :
Bank 1 > Pattern 1 > Part 1 > Track 8 > Sample slot 9 (guitar 1)
Bank 1 > Pattern 2 > Part 2 > Track 8 > Sample Slot 10 (guitar 2)

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So that’s the strategy to get more “instruments” in a “song or project”…by saving the different slot or slots you want to add in the track or tracks in another PART with the same “song arrangement of instruments” in the rest of channels so can have a plenty variation of instrument/sample when needed. Rather than mixing all in the 8 track channel with pickup machine which make all instruments not independent to manipulate effects etc.

Also, PART is useful to record same progression in PART 1 and PART 2 and mess with parameters effects and then return to clean version going back to part 1.

Not really. Sounds like you’re still not getting it.
Sample slots = the samples loaded into your project. Thats it, nothing more.

So octatrack has two lists per project. Static = 128 samples of any length. And Flex = 128 samples of limited size according to RAM buffer settings.

Any machine in any pattern can access the samples in the list ( slots) at any time.
You can have a million samples on your flash card, but your project can only access a maximum of 128 samples per list. ( so 256 total samples)

Remember, if you assign a sample to a machine on a track, that assignment is saved per part not per pattern.