Save pLock to sound

finally a workaround! …

create plock that u want to save
create a blank track
copy the plock and
paste it to the blank track…
now when you press on the plock you see the plocked sound settings…
keep looking at the display and
adjust the settings just as the pushed down plock are,
off course you have to let go before of the plock…
there are a max of 100 encoder settings… should not take longer than 2 min.
I am pretty proud of having found this out… nifty workaround


Great ! Thanx !!! :+1: , me gonna try this…
I’ve got another one >>>
If you have an empty sound -pool and you want to bring in sounds from the + Drive. You can lsiten to sounds from the + Drive by double - clicking the track - button, so the original sound keeps playing while you can hear the + -Drive sound on the clavier. Now you can load that sound into the Pool if you like it. This way you can start with an empty pool and and play all sounds manual on top before importing into the Pool.
Probably allmost everyone has used this solution but who knows ?

I don’t get what you mean by " off course you have to let go before of the plock " tho ???

Greatings, V.

I don’t fully understand either of these tips. Probably because I haven’t had my A4 very long. :confused:

Is this a way to save a sound, in its p-locked state, as a new sound?
I don’t see why you have to copy it to a new track. Just unclick each parameter that is locked (after making a mental note of its value) and set the encoder to that value. Then save the sound with a new name.

EDIT: Ah - this would spoil your tune though I suppose - I see. OK cool!
EDIT2: And you would copy the track itself first to avoid having to p-lock every single parameter?
EDIT3: We really need a Save P-locked Trig as New Sound function. I will make a request with Support.
EDIT4: Done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you mean when sound-locking? That’s the only time I use the SoundPool - I usually load sounds straight from the +Drive.

Indeed they have - better still perhaps, if you preview from the pool in Live record you get chromatic Sound Locks easy style :wink:

Wow! Excellent tip. (From 2014). Another example of why we need a sticky Tips thread at the top of the Sub Forums.

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did this ever become possible?

really missed that feature when i had the a4. as far as i know it’s not possible.

thanks for pointing me here A

the workaround i had covered, i wondered if the actual function was ever implemented for speed

hold trig+snd+yes or something

come on Elektron