Sampling youtube video

Audacity is free. It will let you record whatever audio is happening on your computer. I sample films this way.

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Headphone output of my interface into sp404

Dont be messing around with download sites thats nasty

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macOS , loopback is fantastic for this kind of stuff


404 is an expensive piece of gear to just record YouTube and then drop those samples back to the computer for daw use.

There are many free and legitimate software options.

The question was how do we do it

And my option on how you do it still stands. Expensive way to get it done.

Especially when the second part of his question is pertaining to getting it to a daw. Routing it out to a piece of hardware and then back to the computer also seems to add some unnecessary steps when it can all be done itb.

I actually do the same with my SP but I have it setup last in the audio chain and right before it hits my computer. So Audio source > Mixer > Sp404 > DAW. Sometimes I sample it into the Sp first but sometimes I just leave the ext. source on and it just goes straight to DAW.

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Ok mate thats really cool thank you

There is no right way. Just different approaches to sampling (and experimenting). I like Hainbach’s way a lot. Just micing up any speaker connected to a sound source to “create sounds that already tell a story”.

Can you elaborate on that? Who is hainbach

With pleasure:

And many more on his YT channel.


Same here, except that I’m doing it with a second cheapo audio interface on my computer. Interface A plays straight to interface B which records. Simple :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Sharing opinions is what happens here. Sorry mine did not align with your way of doing things

I Personally wouldn’t recommend someone go out and acquire a 300-400 dollar sampler to sample from YouTube. If you’ve got a 404, great, you’re awesome.

Neither would I

My mistake. Certainly seemed like it to me. After you suggested to avoid download sites cause it’s nasty, and a lot of what people are recommending can be found through download. Unless you already know the op has a 404 to utilize?

i use synchronous audio router (windows only). it allows to create virtual in and outputs that you can easily assign to record from. it also allows to pipe audio from applications, that do not allow to configure an audiodevice. i use it mainly for live video streaming and to control the different audiosources (discord, background music, jam channel music, game music etc) and mix (and sidechain) them properly inside of ableton live.

+1 for Soundflower

I use to use VLC Mediaplayer to rip the raw audio from the video file

Audio Hijack on Mac works perfectly to sample anything from your computer into your Digitakt (Youtube videos, movies you name it). It records the system audio (bitrate set in Midi config), so technically you can record anything, incl. your DAW.

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+1 For ClipGrab.

You can download the clip in .wav