Sampling youtube video


Hi guys, i d like to extract samples from youtube, before i had an audio interface that allowed me to direct sampling in ableton live but now i have only my macbook audio interface that don t allow me to route directly internet sound into ableton, is there a way to do it? Now ableton propose only the mic input and quality is really bad!

How do you sample from YouTube to your computer

Use some online youtube video to mp3/wav converter. That’s what I do.


I use “Soundflower” for internal routing of audio on my macbook. Super handy :slight_smile:


yep, used Soundflower for that few times or else as Barfunkel suggests


yep soundflower is the shizz for mac :smile_cat:


How do people do it? Is there an app or way to just route the audio to your DAW?



I use youtube-dl on Linux or MacOS terminal.
Or a web browser extension that does the job of extracting directly the sound.
There are websites that do it as well, but it’s not that convenient.

YouTube-dl is the simplest to me.


Awesome! Thank you.

Curious though, what if was just looking to sample a short vocal or sound from YouTube as opposed to downloading the whole video?

I’m going to give YouTube-dL a shot to



Ion such case I would take the whole .wav file and cut the interesting parts in Ableton.

Youtube-dl also works with other streaming site such as SoundCloud btw.


I sample from my iPad. Cue up the parts I want and record!


I believe some audio interfaces allow you to set up internal routing, but this should be the easier way, assuming you have a Mac …


If you are on a Mac get Soundflower. You can route the internal audio to your DAW so you dont need anything else.

I also like using my phone, ill usually spend a few hrs chillin on the couch looking for samples and saving them on a playlist to mass sample later, then ill save them to a folder for later use.


Audacity is a must have for all things sampling and just in general a great piece of software.


For mac, get audiohijack.


Soundflower going into a track in my friendly neighbourhood DAW of choice.

I have it constantly set up so I can record quickly if I hear something funny while watching/listening to the internet.


I’m such a caveman…if I’m sampling a movie or YouTube or whatever, I just watch it on my phone or iPad, while it’s plugged into my audio interface with Logic open and record enabled. Then either record the entire movie and edit later, or just record in the bits I like. Only time I’ve done it in a very long time was when we had the Halloween track challenge. The only thing worse than sampling Firestarter is having to watch it :slight_smile:


The old school way is sometimes the best and easiest way to do it! Soundflower is cool but I always have an audio jack hooked to my mixer ready for my phone or ipad.


Same :slight_smile:


everybody using my beloved SoundFlower. Only me seems to have problems installing it - or are you all on old macOS versions?


im on Mojave but I installed soundflower on my laptop when I was on Lion.