Sampling MachineDrum into Octatrack


Noob-ish question, so apologies in advance!

I currently have an A4 and MD-UW, and am looking to add an Octatrack for the following purposes:

  • Sample loops from A4 into Octa, to free up tracks on the A4, during composition
  • Use it for midi sequence for other gear
  • A mixer, and to stay away from Ableton
  • Get to know it in-depth, despite the learning curve, to increase creativity

I went from a TR-8 to an MD, and never look back. Parameter locks and the amount of sound design options being available on the MD as the main reason. To save the lifetime of the MD, I’m thinking of sampling it’s sounds into the Octrack, and then rely less on the MD.

The key question I have is if I sample some of the MD sounds into the Octatrack:

  • are some of the sound design options on the Octa on-par or even satisfactory (filter, delay, reverb, hold, decay, etc.)? Would I essentially miss the MD?
  • is chromatic mode any good on the Octa? One of the things I don’t like about the MD is the fact that there’s no chromatic mode, and to program the BC machine (bongo conga) is a pain in terms of constantly adjusting pitch.

Thanks in advance!


Yes and yes (also see my thread titled Octatrack FX kick ass) These are not mutually exclusive :stuck_out_tongue: You can make use of the OTs midi tracks and LFOs to achieve even more sound design capabilities out of your MD if you’d like. You could just always slave the MD to the Octa if you want flexibility, and not record samples.

Yeah mostly, depends on the material. Going up 12 semitones can sound really bad, but it just depends.

And to your first bullet points: The Octa is good at all that and more


Thanks a lot for the advice!

I’ll definitely have a read of your post (with 148 comments).

So basically, go for the Octa :slight_smile:


How can I record chroma with the octave? Is it possible or just for playing.


What do you mean? When you put the sample into chromatic mode (func+down to get there) the trig keys become chromatic notes. 1 is C, 13 is C, etc.


I don’t know what. If not equal, I’d say everything is bettter on OT. No synthesis by default, but sampling inputs can generate noise, hence drums with all envelopes / lfo / fx arsenal, comb filters are great for notes. 8 octaves or something.

Hated that on MD. Pitch is usable on samples.
I even used midi processors for pitch mapping. PITA. Different settings for each machine, and not well tuned anyway.
AR is heaven compared to it in that concern.
OT Chromatic mode is as it supposed to be, I’d love 2 octave up possibility (without realtime resampling).


Just activate Live Recording (hold rec + play).
If you hold Function, you can change pitch without triggering default sample.