Sampling Amen in Rytm question

I used to DJ drum and bass, now I am experimenting sampling… and today I thought… let’s do an Amen…

here it is…
(maybe the link doesn’t work… in the 3rd post of this topic I uploaded the video again)

When I want to use the scenes to create slices to use as a fill… something goes wrong. Many times the basis sample, when playing without any scenes turned on, gets out of sync. Anyone an idea what I do wrong?

or is it just stupid to do this with the rytm?

wouzer did you remove the link? it says Page Not Found

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thank you, this must work…

hey again wouzer !

I’ve been chopping breaks myself lately. I just chopped the amen and loaded it on rytm, but I did it as separate samples. I found with p-locking, scene locking, and perf macros, having a break cut up into lets say 1/4" note chunks works really well. Plocking start/end points causes little bugs here and there and it doesn’t sync well because sometimes there’s delay when it hops from one position to the next. Amen is 4 bars total so I broke it into 16 files. I did this in reaper (imho the best and cheapest app for audio editing) and actually had to use stretch markers to alter it just slightly so the chops lined up on proper 1/4 beats.

I know people don’t like using up their sample slots in the memory, but I have almost all my banks filled on the rytm and haven’t used all 127 slots yet … even with no sample chains. I tend to re-use a lot of the good one shots on different songs/patterns and I heavily use the internal synthesis with samples only as a “support layer”.

Hope this helps, bud !
-Walter (on off on)

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i haven’t read all this, but maybe this’ll help …

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What I would give for the ability to fine tune the start point of samples with shift or something. It would be a godsend considering my type of workflow with samples, which is common with many many people’s workflow.

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Totally! It’s not like we’d all sell our OT’s just because we had slightly more control of samples on the Rytm…

Come on Elektron!

I understand the idea of working things out in a daw and load them separately and think its really cool. Because I wasnt in the mood to do so much ‘preparation’, I tried something that took less time and worked out amazingly good…

Youtube… Record Amen into daw.
Timestretch it perfectly, but keep it in one loop and export it to Rytm
Play it in Rytm
Make chops in ‘scene mode’. (size of 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. long!!)

I made some way overtop drum and bass… but enjoyed it a lot.
This technique with looping fills or rytms with scenes appeals to me very much
especially since I use SDS drop.

This all can be set to ‘timestretch mode’ as explained in previous post… It is amazing, but a lot of work.

This is what I did tonight…

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