Samples played out of tune / Chromatic mode


AR mk1.
I’m trying to play Bass guitar samples chromatically, but the tuning is a bit random by more than a few semitones.
I’ve read here that playing the synths chromatically tends to drift a bit, so does that also apply to samples in other users experience?


which machines, never heard of this with those designed to play well chromatically

i wouldn’t expect so, you should provide more detail about your usage case - i’d be surprised if the samples drifted a few cents, let alone drifting ‘randomly’ a few semitones

are you placing the sample at the expected C in its central position or are you using and accounting for a differently pitched sample - either way it should be fine (whether a synth voice on that track complements it well depends on the particular machine)


On this old thread

Firstly, the synth machine is disabled for the pad that the Bass sample is on.

I’m using a C note I sampled from Bass guitar, so it’s pitch perfect. When I play it in chromatic mode, each pad changes pitch each time I hit it, even the one that is supposed to be the original sample.

If I hadn’t spent so much time sampling Bass tones I’d just let it go. I actually sampled every note on the neck, and chords, arpeggios, picked and plucked notes, and with effects.


the 1.3 release addressed this though with new chromatic friendly machines - you can get mileage from some of the older machines but some can never be used like that (e…g. toms) and others are not useful, but some are - e.g. some bass drums when used carefully

anyway - samples wise - this is not a function of the machine it’s 100% a reflection of your setup as it stands

sounds like a random lfo is assigned to pitch or velocity is assigned to it e.g… (also disconnect midi connections temporarily)

if you take a new kit and add that sample it will play correctly chromatically - this concept has no connection to the suitability of older synthesis machines that may not have been envisaged as being used chromatically - some latter ones definitely were designed to play well that way


Turns out okay starting with a new project and kit from scratch.

Problem appears to have been in messing with a kit and patterns that have been modded too much.