Sample rates and bpm

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noticing my digitakt struggle to keep locked to the bpm from my mpc and drifting with random clicks and pops. ive notcied when tracking out of the mpc in the past that bpm in the daw if not locked to the sample rate can drift, now if mpc is at 44100 and digitakt is at 48000 is tht going to cause them to stuggle to sync properly due to number of samples not adding up?

No, sample rate shouldn’t affect midi sync…
Are you shure it’s drifting or could the clicks be from monitoring through the daw with the audio buffer set too low?
You could try the other way around having DT as master and MPC synced to it, and see if that works better…
Perhaps try a different midi cable… :thinking:

the BPM display on digitakt is jumping from -0.5 to +0.5 bpm from what mpc is sending and clicks definately from the digitakt not mpc or soundcard, can try different midi cable easy, less clicks with the digitakt as master but sync isnt tight as when mpc is master, sounds weird and bit out of time with digitakt as master, digitakt sends bpm to 808 perfectly with no clicks or pops over din sync 24.

tl;dr: If you don’t look at that jumpy number and just listen, it is probably sync’d tight.

The BPM display on the Digitakt isn’t very smoothed. All MIDI sync followers are internally taking a jittery signal and smoothing it out. There is a trade-off in smoothness with how fast it can respond to actual tempo changes.

Practically speaking, by ear alone you’d want the follower to be quicker and more responsive. But the visual display looks jumpy if you show that directly. So implementations often smooth the display even more. On the Digitakt they seem to have opted to just showing you the internal state.


it does sync pretty tight even thos visual shows movement, gonna do some more tests this arvo see if i can find where the clicks are coming from, seems certain samples ive recorded into the digitakt make it heaps more likely to click every time one of those happen

Ive done some more testing and i havent got any clicks so far, last time i was monitoring the mpc thru the digitakt which maybe caused the problem or had something to do with it. mpc is working as master nicely, i cant manage to get it to start in time with out a preroll unfortunately as this makes it hard to use in a live setup. will test more to see if i can re-create those clicks

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