Sample lock of Certain slices

I sliced up a piano loop and reordered them how I wanted all good,
Can I then add another sample lock and use slices from the new sample if it’s already
pre-sliced on the same track?
Basically can I use a certain chord slice from the sample that is locked?

Also can you view the sample that is locked in the sample editor is that possible?


Yes I use locked samples which also have the same number of slice positions as the track default.

No I don’t think you see it there but I believe you can choose to edit it from the slot list

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Great thanks!
So you can just lock a sample then choose the slice and it works sort of mix and match slices?
I Will give it a try tomorrow

@wascal’s Megabreack of doom 64 1 bar loops
(1 track with 16 sample locks with 64 slices each).

8 samples locks, 8 slices each

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Wow ! Great track and sampling.
Great couldn’t work out the mega break trick last time must give another try

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