Sample Chains

What are you guys building sample chains with? Live? I was gonna sit down an make some today and thought I’d ask for any advice/ hints/tips and such.


Haven´t done that yet. But I am interesting hearing others regarding this.
I am toying with this idea:

[li]OT (or DAW) to transmit a burst of midi notes/PC/CC (in series) that corresponds to and trigs the different sounds I´d like to get back from the soundsource.[/li]
[li]The soundsource audio outputs connected into the OT input. [/li]
[li]An project created for the purpose of “ripping” audio of others machines. [/li]
[li]Enough up to maximum recording time in a track to record all sounds (One Shot recorder trig).[/li]
[li]Slice that sample into appropiate amount of slices.[/li]

As stated, I haven´t tried it so I don´t know if it really works. But if possible it would be so nice to have a project within the OT itself (= mobility). Where its miditrack is the “automatic” controller that plays the soundsource, and the audiotrack is the “automatic” recorder that captures the soundsource audio.

If both are kept and constructed with the time constraints of the OT in mind, with the slice options (to whatever wanted/needed) as well in consideration. It could perhaps be a minimum hassle of getting the slice startpoints correct by just using linear grid slicing afterwards?

Kinda, plug them into each other (midi and audio). Load that project in OT. Check levels and whatever. Hit play on OT. It takes care of playing each sound of the soundsource AND records it into an track, while you´re relaxing (or up grabbing a coffee). When finish, save that recording, slice it up in linear grid (near perfect alignment of each sound). Done.

It probably won´t work with all hardware units out there, but perhaps with some of them at least?

I use Live for making my chains, works really well. The nice thing is that as long as you stick to just using single samples, you can speed up the tempo before rendering the chains to make them take up less memory in the OT.

Does that not sound crazy(bad maybe) when you slow them down for playback on the OT? My Idea for right now was to just record every chord in a key using a fairly basic/open synth sound. Then filter it and what have you in the OT. Should be kinda fun. Might do it with some other instruments as well.

Does that not sound crazy(bad maybe) when you slow them down for playback on the OT? [/quote]
No you just shorten the silence between the samples, you dont change the samples itself.
Live works indeed really great. Be sure to place the samples on a grid, the start if the samples has to be equal distance from each other.
Press consolidate (ctrl j) on a bunch of samples and live creates a samplechain for you in your project folder. No need to render and you can do this on all seperate tracks.

Yep, what he said. :slight_smile:

Could someone please point me to some thread about the purpose/advantages of samplechains? Thanks!

Here’s a good use:

I use Renoise for this. I like its sample editor, its effects, and its envelopes, and they can all be helpful for this task. It also like using its “Render selection to sample” feature for this.

I use the OT.

It’s a good finger exercise :wink:

Good call :slight_smile: I keep meaning to try this…

So Live worked out pretty well. I found a project someone created with a a bunch of chords as clips. Lined them up, spaced them out on the Arrange page add and octave up and down and bounced it using the Arturia Jupiter 8v. Works like a charm!
I was making shitty house music in minutes!

Now, I always read about people making normal sounds into crazy drones and sopundscapes with the OT. How?! I want to know more stuff and I want to know it now!!!

Absolutely not my kind of music being put together but those tutorials are excellent! For a newbie like myself it really covers an awful lot.

Meh don’t trust this guy :slight_smile:

Agreed, slacker. :slight_smile:

Does anyone here think that there are advantages to recording into the OT as opposed to USB transfer? I mean thats why people sample into old akai’s etc, for “that” sound. Do you think the OT has a sound?

Do you think years later people will be recording things into the OT just to get that octatrack feel to them?

Nope. The converters dont really add anything. I’ve compared synths i recorded on the ot vs recorded on my soundcard. I could not tell the difference.

The OT is too sample-accurate to have any kind of distinctive conversion. It is essentially the same as recording into a handheld recorder.

There were a couple of people complaining late last week about the sound quality of their samples after importing from Ableton Live into Octatrack via USB transfer.

OTOH, we have people like Tarekith that have transferred files via USB from Live to Octatrack with no problems.

Here’s the ambient/drone thread: