RYTM pad features

My support ticket got answered today, ELEKTRON will neither introduce

  • pattern change via pads additional to perf / scene mode
    or extra sub patterns per pad (for breaks, fills etc)
    (so you can “play” with patterns like on the Tempest or MPC.
    It’s a wonderful thing to be able to jump.between patterns, breaks, fills
    with the pads instead of choosing patterns via step buttons and “just”
    having the upcoming random step probability feature)


  • Free choice if a pad works in perf or scene mode,
    so that you can combine perf and scene pads in one page,
    cause it would be much better to have a mixed choice instead of
    12 perf pads on one page and 12 scene pada on the other.

BOTH features would very much increase the creative potential
of the Analog RYTM and i regard them as really important and

so i think, RYTM buyers users have a right to have them


If it takes money to pay the programming,
it would be totally fine with me to.pay 10 or 15 eur

I think if 1000 users buy this featurey then all costs should be covered

What do you all think?

I really would love to see some more action here from ELEKTRON,
please don’t just tell us “NO!”

Ps if you’re not convinced see this video and imagine you could do that on the RYTM

All it takes are the above mentioned features

  • Pattern changes via pads:
    Due to P Locks, patterns are closely tied to the current kit. Therefore it makes no sense to go and pick another pattern from those you already created for other kits, and have them play on your current kit. For instance, you may have different machines with different parameters in the kits used in two patterns, so P Locks on these would not make sense anymore.

Having multiple patterns to select from pads is very similar to creating multiple patterns that use the same kit, and use the regular pattern switch feature. You should probably try and work with that.

Apparently the upcoming update adds features for pattern fills, or conditions for trigs and so on. I think that this could be a better way to go in the direction you want, although I admit that it is not exactly the same thing.

  • Scene and Perf in the same page
    This is very different to the way the AR was designed in the first place, with dedicated pages for each. Although I see the potential in having both in the same place, I understand why they would not want to implement it. How do you access such a page ? How do you select the mode for a given pad ? How does it interact with the MIDI implementation ? The active scene is controlled with a single CC whereas performances use one CC for each of them.

One thing they may be able to do is assign the step buttons to either Mute or Scene mode when in Perf mode and not in Recording mode. A bit like it was done on the A4. But maybe people prefer to be able to trigger the instruments with the step buttons rather than mute them or change scenes…

Did you see the linked TEMPEST video?

I don’t want all patterns to be played with the same kit.
I want them to be played with the kit stored with them.

A fill might need another kit than the part before.

See the TEMPEST video, then you’ll understand better what i mean.

IMO it’s crossing the line of decency to attempt to bribe elektron engineers to add a feature that you want.

only if you want to create a false sense of entitlement - you won’t need a petition if you think of a good idea that’s in harmony with their intent - which the above is not ftr

White noise!!!

No they don’t.

So basically the only thing you want is to be able to switch patterns with pads rather than steps ?

The Tempest does not have both so it’s logical that pattern change is done from the pads.

But wouldn’t it be redundant to have it on pads AND steps ?

And since there is no “pattern” mode for pads, how would you access / exit this mode ?

I use all 12 scene and all 12 performance pads. They’re there, so fill em up!
But I’m all for more features, so my vote is YES.

But not with $, that sets a poor precedent.

And the Ring Mod BD has to come first, and the 50 other feature requests that are terribly subjective.


sorry for all the hanging chads on my ballot


You want us to support a petition w/ your request and our money?
Do i understand that correctly? lol

Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t the “Direct Jump” feature similar to what Tempest does?

As written:

Check the linked TEMPEST video

Then you should see the difference between choosing patterns with step buttons


Doing so with pads (or even having extra fills/breaks on tbe pads)

Quite a difference, unless you got 4 hands. THEN you could do the same as on the TEMPEST.

And quite different to getting random trigs with an update.

Wouldn’t you want to be able to have this TEMPEST playability on the RYTM?

Yes, but you have to hold a bank.and then choose a pattern.
Via pads you could directly PLAY the patterns.

That’s why the RYTM is much more static as it is.

Why not just take our money and buy a Tempest instead?

I guess I don’t find it so dire, especially since RYTM already kinda does it.
On Tempest you have to go into Pattern Mode.
They are both so different, and I imagine waiting on updates for one to be like the other is frustrating.

Seems like you should just get a Tempest to go with your RYTM.
Best of both worlds.

or a basic midi controller or a fancy midi controller to do all your own beckoning - simples

If I were going to add a feature that Temepst had to the RYTM, it would probably be the ability to separate the sample from the filter, and give samples their own separate envelope.

Beat Roll would be nice too.

or a basic midi controller or a fancy midi controller to do all your own beckoning - simples[/quote]
Indeed. It feels like an additional controller would be better.