Rytm MkII Pads shifting and Midi


Hi everyone,

I tried searching the forums for two specific questions i had about my Rytm MkII, but i was unable to answer them for myself so I figured I would ask two quick questions and see if your responses can help me. Any help would be appreciated! I am currently running firmware 1.30B.

  1. My drum pads on my Rytm shift a bit when pressed. If I push down and up on the bottom left hand corner pad, the other 12 will move in the direction of the push, not terribly a lot, but definitely feels like it’s a solid pad insert under the metal chassis. It all shifts in the same direction a few mm when pushed. Is this normal QC or not? Pads work fine, I did have the Rytm freeze on me randomly while making my first Kit though.

  2. I have my Rytm slaved to my Analog A4 MkII, it seems the A4 is the better master according to some stuff I read, anyways I noticed when the Rytm is slaved an you have both tempo menus open, if-for instance, I have he tempo at 120 on the A4, the tempo on the Rytm fluctuates from 0 to .5 tempo at the start of a 64 step pattern. Mostly it’s 0.2, but I do see where it’s showing some fluctuations. I’m not a really good tempo guy so it’s hard for me to understand if this is normal or an issue. Using a short HOSA midi cable, nothing seems to be wrong with the cabling.

Thanks again for the help!

Analog rytm mk2 - rubber pads are moving

very normal, discussed a lot btw

support would help you wrt point 1.


Thank you so much, point 1 was also answered via Elektron stating it’s to prevent cross-triggering. So looks like all is good. Much appreciated.


Not sure if the freeze is normal though. Keep an eye out if it happens again


It hasn’t froze but once. But dear god does it not boot sometimes. It get stuck in long cycles of not booting then booting fine randomly, even on the current firmware. It’s mind boggling.


That doesnt seem right, I havent had a problem at bootup once!


Hej! Yesterday I received my new (B-Stock from T.) Analog Rhythm MK2. I’m a bit confused that the ripper-ads can be moved from left to right as well up and down. Is this the case with all devices or has something been solved? I would be happy about a quick answer. thanks, helmet


that’s normal


Hey, Avantronica, thanks for the fast reply! H.


I just picked up a rytm mk2 and was wondering the same thing about the pads shifting. Glad to hear it’s normal, but I do find it a bit annoying when finger drumming (MPC pads feel nicer to me and have no shifting).