Rytm MKII - Is yours emitting ringing noise on hits?

Hi Romi, did you get an answer?

Hi Multiple Choice, no - not yet!

Christian from the elektron-support answered: “It’s not a common issue…i should contact my retailer, they can compare it to a different unit and see if it’s normal or not.”

My retailer said they never had this issue before…

It’s now on the way to elektron in sweden…

I hope they will fix it!

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Well, I hope you get luckier than me. Mine is only slightly better now.

That they are saying you would be the first is surprising me - especially since I also had Christian answering. This makes me wonder how many of these complains they really got. Remember, at first they told me, it is normal to a quite high extent.

Also my retailer compared and told me, it would be absolutely normal.

That you got to send yours to Sweden is also surprising me - why not just a swap?

But hey, life is full of surprises :wink:

This spring noise from the buttons was instantly obvious to me when i got my AR2. Questionable design really. But sounds from my speakers drown it out enough for me to not be a major concern.


I could only let it go by using headphones while finger drumming. Not optimum and not as I would expect for this price.

Mine also makes this noise

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Mine does also. Thought it was a bit strange but doesn’t bother me too much tbh…
To me it sounds like springs resonating on the metal case.

The actual pressing of the other normal buttons and trig buttons
makes a much louder clicking noise reckon it’s just how it is

a nice loop came out of your sample :smiley:


That sound is awful ;)… As far as I remember mine did not sound like that, it did many other things “wrong” but it did not ring like yours.

I just got my rytm mk2 delivered… take it out the box and turned it on… IMMEDIATELY im like ‘wtf is that’

Its absolutely ridiculous!!! I cant imagine ever getting used to it. It is unbelievably loud and like others have said it rings out for a really long time.

What am i supposed to do?

Edit: this thing cost me more than 10% of my entire yearly salary after tax, i work 40 hours a week and detest my job. This is crushing tbh. It sounds dramatic but I mean really what is the point

Update: immediately sending it back


This is really bad my friend! I am sorry to hear this

Where did you buy if from?

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Maybe Elektron will announce the hidden spring reverb with the next OS update…?

I dont want to name the retailer as i dont think it’s their fault at all. They are sending me another one out and collecting this one free of charge, they have been very good about it.

I know, nut knowing the retailer helps other people knowing there are faulty one out there

I was about to buy rymt mk2 from Andertons, and when I read your post I did not proceed with the order.

So youre not going to buy one?

mine came from andertons, mine is perfecto. It doesn’t “thud” like my other kit , you can tell it’s hollow and that it has a slight sustain, but it isn’t something that I thought about until I read this thread.

I don’t know I read so many bad comments and experiences, pad muting issues, ringing noise, general freeze

I mean it is a £1200 machine, I would not accept any faults on it.

When did you buy it?

May this year.