Rytm MK2 select track bug or hardware issue?


Have anyone else with a MK2 unit experienced difficulties selecting tracks (track + pad)? Very often on my unit when selecting a track, the pad light for the track i am selecting briefly blinks. And then the unit decides to automatically select track 12.

I guess i have a faulty unit. But i just wanted check if anyone else have experienced this before i return it.


Hmm, just noticed that i get the same behaviour in mute mode. When muting a track other than track 12 the unit decides to mute/unmute track 12 instead. Seems like an issue with the pad circuitry rather than a software bug to me.

Guess i have to return it.


Mine does this too… Very frustrating. I was told by support to push the pads around in different to soften them up, but this is actually making the problem worse and more erratic. Did you get any resolution with yours?


I got mine replaced at my local dealer. After a full day with the new unit i have experienced no such issues.


Mine doesn‘t act like that.


I sent mine back because of this
But it was very extreme, also problems with scenes and perf.


Good t know since my is inbound. Thanks guys


I’ve spent a couple of days trying to correct this issue to no avail. Pad 8, 7, and 12 continue to be totally erratic and misfire frequently, while other pads will fail intermittently as well. The maddening part of this issue with my unit is that it’s unpredictable, the pads seem to be taking turns at which one doesn’t want to select, and sometimes tapping pad 8 will select 7, or 12 selects 8, etc…

This is actually a replacement unit for another unit I had that would frequently freeze on power and often not power on at all. Elektron was very responsive in replacing the first unit, which I greatly appreciated, but at this point I’m so disappointed and about ready to throw my hands up. I just want a fully working machine after all the wait and hype. This is too expensive of an investment and too powerful of a box to be hung up on problems like these from the get go.

If anyone figures out a real fix to this problem please share!


Here’s what my unit is doing right now. Bonkers https://youtu.be/2efiu2k7C4E


Exactly what my unit was doing except that it was trigging pad 12 instead of track 8 when pressing other pads. I am pretty sure you have to get your unit fixed/replaced.


Just received a brand new unit yesterday, after a two month wait. Same symptoms for me with Pad 8, right out of the box. I’ immediately submitted a ticket to Elektron but have yet to hear back.


Yep me too. In mute mode: Pad 12 toggles track 4 on and off. I get a similar problem with track 4 - in mute mode, toggling tracks 7 and sometimes 8 on and off. In play mode, Pad 12 also triggers the track 4 sound when I hit the pad. Basically, it’s crazy and unpredictable. And intensely annoying.

Of those of you that sent their units back - was it a painless replacement process?


I am in the same boat right now and I really don’t want to return such a pain is the azzzzz


@ Hans and @ Petur, please tell us that you both have working RYTMS now, with no issues/freezes/trouble whatsoever. This gives us a bit of hope hahaha!


Mine hasn’t acted up once. Unfortunately, that’s no proof it’s without issues as I don’t get to use it a lot at the moment.


Have not noticed any issues like this on my replacement unit. Seems to be working just fine.


My replacement is fine too. Retailer had a new unit back to me in under a week.


good to hear that there are also people out there without problems :slight_smile:


Had a couple of hours with mine, no issues. Maybe I should put it up for sale at a fat premium, now that it‘s tested and all.


My pads showed irregular behavior after a few hours of use, I wasn’t able to change the drumsynth settings on pad 12. I would hit pads on the mute page and the pads would light up randomly. It’s being looked at by Thomann under warranty.

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