Rytm MK2 encoder sensitivity issues


Yup indeed…


There’s other more pressing issues on the rytm firmware that will be addressed first. Knobs Flicking values too fast is gonna be behind stability and crash fixes


Must be extremely pressing… There are issues unresolved since release especially the freezing… But hey, we got a model s instead, wow :wink:


I’m sure the bean counters who saw 10x more digitakt and digitone sales have a little bit of say on which box gets priority dev hours as well. Problems of being held by private equity.


I love my AR2, but it has some glaring flaws considering it is Elektron’s flagship drum machine.


I’m Finding the A4 mk2 has a much smoother parameter travel and far easier to get the setting you want where as the Rytm mk2 jumps really fast on some pages and parameters… eg retrig

I’ve seen it mentioned but not as a new topic

Really hope this gets addressed in future os update