Rytm mk1 Separate Outs

Hello there forum and thanks for taking the time to read this.

I decided to ditch Overbridge so I got a mixer, specifically a soundcraft signature 22 mtk.
I want to run separate outs from my rytm mk1 to the mixer.

Unfortunately I made an erroneous purchase and got several 1/4 trs to 1/4 trs balanced cables but no splitters (I should have looked at the back of the machine…).

Besides the official kit from elektron, which I don’t want to buy as it comes with cables that would be redundant, is there any other splitter I can use?

If I understand correctly, I need to split tip (left) and ring (right), so can I just use any decent stereo splitter?

Any info or link would be really appreciated.


This is as good a time as any to get a soldering iron!

I do have a soldering iron, actually two! I am not very good with it but I can cope


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Nice one, thanks! I guess I just have to find a 1/4 trs male to dual 1/4 ts female then, so I can use the cables I already have

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Brilliant, thank you so much!
Ordered 4 hosa splitters from eBay

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I am very sorry to report that the hosa ypp-118 splitters I bought do not work.
I still get both BD and BT on the same channels.
Really disappointed, I’ll have to return these (I stupidly opened all the boxes so we’ll see).

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Could it be that I have to use ts cables out of the splitters and into my mixer rather than trs?

yeah looks like the hosa ypp-118 is a duplicator not a splitter. look for a breakout or insert cable that splits the ring and tip.

this one would do it: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/STP201--hosa-stp-201-insert-cable-1-4-inch-trs-to-dual-1-4-inch-ts-3-foot

the “ring/tip” labels on the jacks are a good indicator you’re looking at the right type of cable. good luck

Thanks, any uk link would be greatly appreciated

just google “1/4 in stereo breakout cable” and pick your favorite uk retailer :stuck_out_tongue:

ok thanks, I am getting these now

Hoping to be able to return the old ones and finally have that bloody kick on his own.

Thanks for your help mate

those will work. good luck!

This also applies to splitting channels on the rytm mk2… right? For example splitting the rs/cl to separate mixer channels?

Do they still ‘choke’ when splitted?

Thanks in advance!

#Cordial CFY 0.9 VPP Y-Adaptor Cable 6.3 mm Stereo Jack Gold to 2 x 6.3 mm Mono Jack Gold 0.9 m
These work, other lengths available! I think you can get them on either Thomann or Amazon.

Hosa splitters being delivered today, will report back


For some reason I got the really short ones… don’t make my mistake!

I got the female ones so I can use the cables I already have, so the length of the splitters shouldn’t be a problem.

Off topic: these days I’be been using the regular stereo out of my rytm, I forgot how well the compressor works to gel things together, shame it gets lost with separate outs

Look, just get Insert Cables, that’s what you need. They’re not expensive and will 100% do what you need.