Rytm + MIDI controller


Has anyone explored what an external MIDI controller with CC data can do with the Rytm?

I am not guessing much since 128 different CC controllers does not seem enough to have dedicated routing, and you can’t assign CC data, but I’d be interesting in incorporating a controller (if only for a few extra knobs and pads, so I can trigger drums and leave Rytm pads for perf)


I tried it with the QuNeo.
I like the pads more for hitting a beat.

But what was really cool was to get the Mute + Scenes + Perf accessible at the same time.

I don’t use it much though, because to do so I need the iConnectMidi4+ and it is also used as USB hub for OT to control Volcas/Blofeld/Shruthi.

And I haven’t spent enough time to cut properly the MIDI flows within this ICM4+

I mean… I prefer to play with the installation and forget the MIDI controller, so far :wink:
But I’ll get over my laziness and insert this QuNeo in the installation in the next few months.


I’ve got a Push that isn’t doing much right now, going to try to set it up so I have drum pads, mutes, scenes and perf accessible from the pads at the same time. Will report back :slight_smile:


I’ve got my bcr2000 hooked up. Like it fine. Top encorders are programned to performance which allows both pot turns for depth and push for on/off. Button encorders and set to scene. This frees the AR pads for mutes only.

The other pots are programned to auto track and/or FX.

Though the BCR does not receive MIDI feedback so a switch in kit or sound and a twist of a pot can have dramatic, unwanted effects (anyobe know how to set up feedback?)


I’m using my NI Maschine MkII in midi mode for finger drumming and getting rotary encoders for performance tweaking.

Great complement to the Analog Rytm to have a midi controller.




I’ve used a JLCooper FaderMaster for the first 8 Performance pads in the past.
It allowed me access to the Performance controls while keeping the machine in Mute or Scene mode.

But the more I used the Rytm, the better I became at navigating without the additional faders.

I’m more interested in a controller like Guga’s forthcoming Morph4, which is more instantly assignable, and has morphing and external LFO functions.


Bitstream 3x with built-in programmable LFO to compensate the lack of it in the AR.


Exactly :slight_smile:
Though it’s pretty convenient imo to combine Scenes and Perfs, and thus being able to play with them at the same time…

Many people here talk about the lack of LFO…
I wonder what you use these additional LFOs for… Would you mind explaining me ?
So far I haven’t had the need (maybe I shouldn’t ask the question then, you’d say)


LFO the LFO would be sweet (not sure if possible tho, I didn’t really look at it).
More LFO would be usefull mainly for modelling the sounds on samples.
Very simple example: one for the Pan, one for the cut off filter frequency, maybe another one on the pitch…and so and so…


My favorite 2x LFO configurations would be:

Sample Level + Synth Level = cross fade
Synth Decay + Sample Hold = tail cross fade
Overdrive Level on 1 LFO with alternate Amp Level on the other LFO. Gives you drive and growl while taming the level of that effect.

For FX, well the ability to put a different LFO on Delay AND Reverb would be nice. I like doing weird stuff with LFO on the Delay time, would be nice to also automate the Delay filter in tandem. For now I’m just p-locking that filter in the FX track. But that is step length limited.

The list goes on and on.

Sure you could realtime record these parameters, but then they all just become parameter locks, and often my LFOs are slow go longer than 4 or even 8 bars. Plus, there is a finite amount of parameter locks.

Freely assignable LFOs a’la Machinedrum would be a worthy consolation.


Realtime record? Like tweaking live?

Being able to “record” lfo would be a nice work around.


Yep, just doing manual knob sweeps with the red record light blinking.


OK I guess that most of the time I plock the parameters hence doesn’t need the LFO…
Yet tonight I was putting a LFO on the fine tune of the sample for the sweet S.Maharba style, and I wanted to pan the result but… Damn it ! Where is my second LFO ???
So now I ask a member card to the Club Of LFO Demanders…


Yeah and you don’t really need an LFO on all track or machine…that’s why allocated LFO would be nice!
Other point, it is not always possible to compensate with plock (speed, accuracy, shape…)

Back to the topic:
BITSTREAM 3X is a good midi controler with LFO in bonus!
Lots of knob and sliders in a solid box.


As is a second elektron machine, like OT or monomachine. LFOs to spare on those. Not strictly a midi controller but it could be more fun than just a few dumb sliders :wink:



As is a second elektron machine, like OT or monomachine. LFOs to spare on those. Not strictly a midi controller but it could be more fun than just a few dumb sliders ;)[/quote]
I agree 100%. Nothing less exciting to buy than a midi controller!
Cost is a little different too.


Welcome to the Club. No handshake required.

There is another solution…

Using the midi LFOs from MD, MM or OT.
Anfim beat me to it.

(and from a DAW with Overbridge, I guess? still haven’t installed as I have some gigs coming up)

Great for studio work. Not very convenient for most live performance setups, though.


o wow, seems like a lot more people than i thought!

are you all using CC or SysEx though? My MIDI controller (Livid Code) only does CC, I thought they weren’t routable … like if you set up an encoder to handle a filter sweep, it would only do the filter for the selected voice on the Rytm (as opposed to dedicating the snare drum filter, for instance.)

If its strictly a SysEx thing I’ll be sad :frowning: maybe I read the manual wrong, but it seemed like CC access was lacking


Yes! with Ableton 9 you can use an max4live midi lfo.
Setup the channel and CC and you have it. But it is a software solution
And we all know that software sucks :imp:
A midipal also have hardware LFO

A MPC as midi controller? You have pads, lfo…and it is cheaper than another Elektron box (Just giving alternative, please don’t shoot!)