RYTM ambient machine

I just got my RYTM back. Here is some fooling around with only internal sounds.

Hardly any fancy programming going on, I could have taken it farther with some scenes and longer, asynchronous track lengths maybe.

To be honest, I was just basking in the sound of this thing. It’s been too long.


man i made so much on this thing i forgot half these tracks i recroded :joy:

Weird. I was just deep diving on YouTube looking for Rytm ambient stuff like this exactly. This is a beautiful track


anoder live one u can really extract the hate from this box


Yes! Great stuff man.

Let’s bring this thread back.

I’ll post a few more solo rytm ambient ventures soon.

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Maybe this qualifies. Ambient-ish jam with internal engines. Just exploring my rytm now that I have it back :smiley:


Another chill rytm thing.

This is my 3rd Rytm, due to circumstances, but I starting to really see what it can do for me this time around.


This thread isn’t helping my RYTM gas lol.

I already have analog four mk1, digitone, syntakt and digitakt but keep thinking about the analog rytm and octatrack but not sure if I really need those since I have the other 4… but this ambient stuff in here is beautiful!

This is some phenomenal RYTM. Very inspiring glitch textures, thank you for sharing.

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I was pretty happy w this one so far.

I still struggle with the generally unforgiving nature of the AR sometimes though. It’s definitely one of those boxes where I’ll have days that I love it and days that I hate it.

Also someone else post some rytm ambient so I don’t have to spam :slight_smile:


You really make the rytm sing, that’s beautiful sounding!

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Same here - i know i could do better with a DT but there are certain features of the rytm which are quote unique

Brilliant - all on the rytm?

How did you make the noisy pad in the 2nd half?

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Really like this one.
You confirm me by this track that I need to continue to follow this root on my AR.
The base of the track can be completely done with the AR :slight_smile:

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Yeah all Rytm but also all samples. I’m using OB here for some post processing but not much. Mostly eq on all tracks to shave the low end (god we need a base width filter on the rytm at some point)

The noise specifically is just a bit of BR on the sample going through a bandpass filter which is kind of emphasizing it.

I spent a long time converting samples externally before loading and I think I got some better results because of it. Previously I would record most of my samples directly into the box via youtube, so its not very surprising that I was always fighting the murky sound (see the last thing I posted before this, which I enjoyed but felt like I couldn’t get the tone any cleaner.)


Yeah man, I’ve had a digitakt too and there just isn’t as much struggle.

I’ve almost sold the Rytm a hand full of times but keep coming back because there’s just something there.

I think I’m slowly getting better with it but it I have to accept it won’t be instantaneous.


These sound great @philroyjenkins! Really inspiring. This motivates me to step up my game!

I have not made anything close to ambient, but I make samplebased hiphop on the AR using nothing but the AR to sample, chop, sequence, mix etc. I completely get your point about the sound of this thing, I love it but sometimes it’s a lot of work to make it sound more clean or crisp.

I also have an OT and everything I make on that sounds weirdly ‘acceptable’ without any effort, compared to the AR which is a beast you have to tame. Sometimes I grow weary of the hard hitting, deep AR sound, but as soon as I make something without it I start to miss the weight the AR gives to everything. It’s hard to describe really, but I think everything you play through the AR gets some kind of slightly fuzzy punch and weight which I’ve not been able to replicate on any other machine, and I really love. A base width filter just for the samples would be a blessing indeed! I also would like them to add samplerate reduction to give us another flavour of degration.