RustyRoses Free Sample Packs

Hi guys,

As a way to give back to the Forum, I’m sharing some one shot Samples and Multisample Instruments.

You are welcome to use them in your own work, but please don’t sell them.

Please read the Readme file in the root for details of the Samples and how to use them.

Analog Four + Analog Heat

This is 4 versions of the Vintage Sync preset, on 4 Voice Unison with plenty of spread and detune, ran through the Analog Heat on Saturation and Round Fuzz settings, with both fast and slow filter envelopes. There’s also some EQ.

If you’ve always wanted to play with the A4 / AH combo, consider this a thick and dirty demo.

Mutable Beads

These are 2x 3 minute long field recordings of summer Birdsong in a rural Suffolk Garden, processed to different degrees through Beads to create a glitchy, Grainular Birdsong.

Modified Brass Chords

120bpm, 4 bar perfect loops.

2 sustained brass chords sampled from my Wavestate. The original, unmodified loop is included, along with 6 modified versions with various levels of manipulation.

Modified versions are pitch shifted, gated, granulated, phasered, compressed, shimmered - you name it. The modifications get more extreme with each sample, but are all perfect loops and retain their audio quality.

Hope you like them. More to come


I forgot to mention that these are all 24bit, 48kHz Wav files.


This is super generous of you, thanks! I love Analog Four drums and field recordings are absolutely my thing. :smiley:

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Thanks Rusty!

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I’ll make you some analog drum one shots and run them through heat then :slight_smile:


Oh yes please.

7x 4 bar loops of modified brass chords from my Wavestate added