RTYM OS Upgrade stuck at "waiting for sysex"

i did that john. once i drop the sys file on transfer it should transfer automatically like you say but it just doesnt. the AR stays on this waiting mode.

Sorry, one more thing. Are you using C6 or Elektron Transfer? I couldn’t do it using C6 but was successful with specifically the Transfer program:

saw your other post re the corrupt file. good news!

Mine is also stuck on waiting for sysex. Unfortunately, I do not have a leftover mac computer to spare. Maybe there is something with the 1.46 beta causing this error?

Same problem here.
Tried first on mac then tried also on a windows PC with Transfer but AR wasn’t able to connect at all.

same problem here

I had this issue as well and accidentally downloaded the firmware for the MK I and not the MK II. Maybe this helps someone running into this. Using the correct firmware helped :joy: