Routing external audio and Play/Record machines

Hi guys,

I’m using record and play machines for glitching and stuff, what I’m trying to do now is recording those glitches in a separate track on my daw and well, is not working as I expected.
It is like the record and play machines are routed only to master so if I change the route to external my tracks are not playing so I only have atm these options:

-record all stuff together (a mess)
-or save the recordings of the playing machines what is not working fine at all for me as it records the complete lenght of the sample, I mean while is playing record machines are put along the pattern arming, recording and triggering the play machines, if I record this inputs that groove made because of that interaction gets broken

so my question is, there is a way on recording playing machines externally the way I want?

It’s difficult to tell exactly what the problem is.

I assume that you know that any track’s output can be routed to the individual outputs in the GLOBAL > ROUTING > OUTPUT menu. If that is set up correctly, you may need to adjust the level and cue settings in your RAM RECORD machine(s).

Perhaps you could tell us exactly what you want to do and exactly which machines and settings you have set on each track.

Yep global routing is ok, so any track routed outside are working as they should, only ram machines are not played outside

Cue levels are set on 0, maybe problem is that? I need to check it, thanks Peter

ok so I’ve just mess with cue levels and things remains the same so I’ll try to explain it a little more,

I’ve routed externally each of the tracks, so I have kick on A, snares on B, hats on C and so on, everything is working like a charm BUT, Ram and Play records are routed in F, and it seems that they work in the same way as the FX do, I mean they only can be heard if I rout them to global, it seems is not a problem of levels, cables or so, I’ve tried to change snares on F and they can be hearing.

Play machines sounds too if they’re stored in drive, but if I play them from Ram is like I said before, this is like if they’re routed to global, I’ve touched cue levels and they remain the same, so my question is if this is the normal behavior on the MD or I’m missing something here

I’m thinking that every track removed from global are not able to be taken from Ram machines, like they’re removed from the signal path and that’s why I cannot hear anything

at the end I got this fixed, just was a misunderstanding about the route of the Ram machines, I thought they took the signal before the ouputs, so every track that I sent to an external output was removed from the Ram path signal, now I’ve just put an input from another BUS of my audio card routing this external outs again and I record them from the external path and not the internal and it’s all fine, so if that helps someone you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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