Roli Seaboard Rise

Anyone using one?
Been intrigued by this thing since it was released.
Mainly just to get my hands on that Equator VST
Sounds really good I reckon from what I have heard and the keyboard thingy looks fun.
From what I can tell though it is limited as a standard midi controller for other synths etc. due to its multidimensional touch interface? Other gear can’t respond in the same way as the Equator synth due to its midi implementation?

From what I understood I’d say it’s actual synths that are often too limited to make benefit of Rise capacities to their full extent…
No ?
Isn’t it the same for every MPE controller ?
Or am I misunderstanding what you’re actually talking about ?

Would like to know both how it sounds/plays and how people are using it as a midi controller for other synths both hardware and software?
From what I can tell a lot of the midi data output from the Rise won’t be recognised by another synth unless the external synth has been ‘mapped’ to respond to the levels of midi data output from the Rise? i.e. the 5 dimensions of touch that Roli calls it are transmitting midi messages that won’t be recognised by a standard synthesiser from what I can gather, apart from the standard note on/off and aftertouch.

Indeed, Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression makes it possible to send velocity, aftertouch and a bunch of CC in the same time as a pitch for each finger pressed, iiuc.

Roli (or Linnstrument or Haken Audio) bring a new way of playing, more expressivity, not more limitations.
To use it with e.g. the A4, I guess you would need to assign to each finger its own MIDI channel to get the most of what the controller offers.
And translate the Y-position to a defined CC.
As if you had a mod wheel + after touch + velocity per finger.

Wish I had such controller, but I already have to use current gear to full extent, I’m not yet at this level I reckon :smile:

@cuckoomusic, would you care appearing and sharing if you’ve experimented your beautiful Haken as a next-gen MIDI controller for e.g. AK ?

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Yes this is why I would like to hear user feedback from people that are using it as you explain, controlling other synths with these multiple midi messages.
Just worried it will be a lot of work having to map every separate instrument to receive the appropriate midi messages from the Rise.
Will do more research.

This looks interesting. Rise module to drive the Softube Modular.
A similar ‘block’ to drive Reaktor 6 would be great.

I have the seaboard rise 25, and it’s great!!

Equator is an excellent vst, too!

The seaboard does have multidimensional touch, as you pointed out, but that doesn’t limit the scope of the seaboard as a controller. You just don’t have access to all the dimensions with a non MPE vst, but it’ll still play like a standard keyboard with note on and off messages and what not.

It feels like nothing else and I love it. I only wish I had gotten the 49 key now.


Thanks man. That Equator plugin looks and sounds really slick.
Pretty powerful it seams especially with the FM implementation.
Just realised I completely used the wrong term in my original message as @LyingDalai pointed out when I stated it was ‘limited’ as a midi controller. I think you know what I meant :thinking:

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I use the Roli app with the linnstrument. Whoa. I can really write some avante garde stuff pretty quickly. I also use the linnstrument in logic x pro, prophet 6, and moog 15 ipad app. Will I cave in and get Reaktor 6 tonight or the Komplete 11 Ultimate upgrade? :slight_smile:


Yeah looking at the new smaller linnstrument as well.
Trying to evaluate pros and cons of both
Roli seems like it could be used as a latex sex toy also which has me excited

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L’instrument has midi out. Roli doesn’t

Not a factor for me as I will be using alongside computer and can send Roli USB midi anywhere in my studio via MidiOX and midi interface.
Bluetooth midi seems like it works without noticeable latency on Roli?
That’s pretty cool
Be fun muckin around on the couch controlling IPad apps with Roli via bluetooth

I don’t have a Roli just a linnstrument. Either way getting a CCK and just playing iOS synths is fun. Look up MPE virtual instruments and you will know what you can play with. Linnstrument is played more like fretboard of a guitar. Roli is a keyboard made by the Engineers in Prometheus. Either choice you will have fun and build musical non traditional musical ideas. Next time I see a used Roli 49 I might go and get one.

Logic X Pro is MPE compatible and so is Bitwig.

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Yes think I’ll get the Roli as I want a standard keyboard type controller and want that Equator plugin also

I’ve owned both a Roli and the Linnstrument. As a keyboardist the Roli is, obviously, by far the easiest to pick up and go with. I struggled with the Linnstrument personally.

Anyway, the Rise is an impressively made piece of kit. Think Apple. It’s highly sensitive adn the Equator app is one of the best out there. Bluetooth works great though I had the occasional minor issue connecting with my iPad Air. I parted with it purely down to 25 keys not being sufficient. When I weighed up the cost of the 49 I realised I could get a lot of other cool stuff instead. I was quite lucky in that the bundle I bought came with Bitwig and the soft case so I actually came out evens after selling all.

The Linnstrument has charm. I loved the build of it. One thing I struggled with though is the whole approach you have to take. You kind of have to think of it as a stringed instrument - ie. you can’t slide vertically, only horizontally for pitch. I got a bargain price for it so took a punt and moved it on when I didnt gel with it.

At the moment, I have money down for a KMI K-Board on their kickstarter but I think I’m going to pull the plug on that one too. All things considered I genuinely do think MPE is the future for controllers but until Ableton adopts it I’m out for now. Just not interested in using another DAW and the Ableton workarounds are not ideal.

My dream, Live gets MPE and Push 3 has some sort of continuous grid surface like a Linnstrument. Heaven!

Happy to chime in with answers to any questions you might have so fire away! I can see myself going back to the Roli some day but in no rush.

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I’m using the rise 25 and equator in Ableton with no issues at all. Ableton won’t need to “adopt it” because it already works.

Go to the official Roli YouTube page. There are step by step videos there to walk you through setting the seaboard up with a few different native Ableton instruments

Here’s one:

And the follow up (there are a few more, too):

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Ableton doesn’t support the MPE protocol. What you have to implement, like you show in the videos (which I’ve seen and followed!), is a work around to get the MPE experience. I tried it and it wasn’t ideal. I don’t want to load 10 instances of a vst or be forced to use multimbrality! It’s a pain in the ass!

Compare it to the experience in Bitwig. Load one mpe capable vst and away you go. Far easier and elegant.

I don’t have time to fanny around with this stuff, I want plug and play. Sadly the Rise isn’t there yet in Live without setting up various templates and things.

I own an Eigenharp that I use a lot. My personal favourite MPE VSTs for it are Madrona Labs Aalto and Kaivo + the psysical modelling synth Sculpture bundled with Logic/MainStage. But there are some other nice options, too.

With the same sound on all four channels, the Analog Four works well for this too, btw.

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Thanks for the info gents.
Yes will be using it with Live and a shame it doesn’t have the same deep integration as Bitwig does.
Use Max 4 Live also, makes me wonder if any Max devices have been developed and available to streamline the Live workflow?

As far as I know M4L is limited to processing data it gets from its Live track, so similar restrictions apply. Full-on Max works well though.