Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)

Feast your eyes:


Hoping this will include the improved modelling of the TR-08 and TR-09.

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Some nice updates, individual part lenths and more outputs. As much as I like my tr8 this appears to be a great upgrade.

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To quote the Sound Design demonstration video: “The TR-8S has an updated circuit modelling engine…”

Looks like your wish has been granted :slight_smile:

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Wow… great alternative to DT/AR.


Especially to Digitakt, since there is no individual outputs on it and we don’t know when it’s gonna be implemented (i mean separate outputs via Overbridge)

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No onboard sampling though, or did I miss it? DT still has chromatic mode, lfo’s etc - still in a different league I’d say unless you’re after a pure drum machine.

No overbridge?!?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Nah no onboard sampling. The TR8 has always been a super simple machine for people needing a solid workhorse, different target market than Elektron stuff imo.

No direct sampling it seems. Sure, there are differences but it does look like a strong competitor to DT still.

Loading samples is pretty awesome, plus parameter locks :+1:

Well… I was about to say “especially to Digitakt, since it has backup and we don’t know when it’s gonna be implemented (I mean via overbridge)” . :joy:

Hurry up Elektron.

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400 samples / 180s (44.1/mono)

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its getting interesting with those individual outs…


This is the first announcement that really thrills me since ages! The TR8 is a performance tool, volume faders, the large buttons and all the knobs make it accessible for live gigs like no other drum machine I used. With the loss of its limitations the TR8s becomes THE drum machine that I want to use alongsinde with a synthesizer. The trigger can clock my modular system and deal with the audio output. Fantastic!


Reminds me of my old Electribe ES-1. In all the good ways.

Looks better, too. Than the previous TR-8, that is. Not better than the ES-1. Nothing can look better than a sampler branded in the color of champagne. Nothing.


Roland TR8S

Reponse to digitakt and AR MK2

I like the one soft drum pad for playing in parts Live, good idea


128 patterns. Now, you have my attention.