Roland SP-404 Mk2 (Part 1)

That End Snap is amazing! I like that they did it this way, it’s dead simple and still involves some danger :slight_smile:

It a blessing for sampling and also resampling! wow.


Woooah. This is a fantastic set of updates!
Hype :aw:

Can someone with a MK2 test this one for me

  • Patterns can now be changed immediately during pattern playback by holding down [SUB PAD] and selecting a different pad.

Really want to know if this retriggers the pattern on change, or if it continues the playback from where the playhead is…

If it just changes the pattern without retriggering, that would be absolutely amazing… the only other sampler that I found that could do that was fxpansion Geist. But it was a buggy mess. If the MK2 can do it… wow


yep that would be dope, lit, or crazy, and probably make me wanna shuffle, do the running man, or the Charleston!!!

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Ableton Live does that for clips (so, scenes if you want) and it’s a not-so-well-known thing that makes jamming interesting!

Haven’t tried on the SP yet. I doubt it…

Edit: no it doesn’t do what you were describing. It retriggers the pattern at the beginning. That would have been great! Maybe later, if Roland reads here. Could be an option same as the new one for long samples retriggering when switching patterns…


Is the SP404 stuck in 4/4 (if you use the metronome?)

You mean, it’s almost… like… PING PONG?! :joy::wink:


Arrghh so close. Ah well. Thanks a heap for checking :+1:

I was thinking it would of worked so well with resampling…

Almost! :rofl:

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THANKS!!! What a break!

The op-z can instantly jump between patterns while retaining the position of the playhead, just thought I’d mention it.


Just downloaded the new OS. So much clearer! Colorblind people rejoice.

damn :frowning: got my hopes up for that one, what a great option to have one day hopefully, as it’s already halfway there.


This thrills me.


Great work Roland!


Really nice!


I haven’t tried it for resampling yet, but it was super easy to grab a bar from an a cappella rap off of YouTube, use that function to get it to loop perfectly, and then BPM sync it with a drum loop I happened to have on the machine.

Still haven’t tried everything, but what I have seen is awesome. What a surprisingly big update. I assumed the first update would be some extra effects or something.


Hurray for a pdf manual, this will simplify the guide book quite a bit :smiley:

Interested to check out the new features and improvements as well!


Not only Geist, but also Ableton yes. And after bugging and emailing them for years Bitwig made it possible in 3.0. Even quantised or unquantised.
Its called Legato mode iirc.

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The Koala sampler app does that as well. It makes it really easy to have organic variations of patterns while jamming. I love it.


I searched everywhere, I’m curious where did you find it?