Roland SP-404 Mk2 (Part 1)

On another note, here’s my first beat using the MKII. This is actually the first beat I’ve ever put online! :sweat_smile:

I made it entirely by sampling into my MKII. All except the faint melody. For that I used the pads on the MKII to play an external synth and live recorded it over the beat. I made it over the course of a few days following Christmas. It was great to sit on the couch or the porch and create.


I love it! Looking forward to more beats from you :blush:

Sounds and feels fantastic.


Woot!!! Great update indeed.

Edit: and a pdf manual!

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There a back and forth playback mode for looped samples by pressing shift and loop. That’s new right? Or did I miss it previously?

Great update! Pad mute and having the option to monitor muted pads via the headphone out is great for resampling! Now it’s possible to resample only certain parts of a pattern without too much hassle and even better: resampling muted/cued pads through external effects. My 404mkll is making pretty intense and horny eye contact with my poly beebo now.


That was there already :slight_smile:

Great update! Thank you Roland if you’re listening around these parts.

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Ah haha, i missed it, even have read the manual entirely. Gosh :smiley:

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Couldn’t find the PDF manual, do you have a link to it?

Found it on the support page for the SP.


@Otto-Otosan Really nice work!

@amaury Is end snap the sampling mode you were hoping for?

Looking forward to this update! Still trying to wrap my head around everything as I’m not at home and reading the manual on the train. Hopefully someone will drop an update video soon so I don’t overlook anything.


Damn, this is way exciting! Pad Mutes and End Snap alone are huge, I didn‘t think we‘d get those in the same update, but chapeau to Roland — unexpected ! :slight_smile:

Will have to dig into the rest tonight after work, so excited though!!! :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s a way to achieve what I was after, amazing!

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Indeed, very exiting. Pad mute will be useful for happy accidents.


On the mutes stuff, and I hope this is helpful if people haven’t already done it. Maybe it’s obvious but it wasn’t to me at first… Great sentence. Anyway, with the ‘Mute Bus’ thats been there from the start, I think by default it mutes both buses but you can change that to just one of the buses in the settings. Then, say you have individual drum hits (or whatever sounds) routed to bus A and you want to drop them out at the same time it makes this really easy to do. Again, sorry if really obvious!


Is end snap a way to record a perfect loop? Can it also be quantised to step amounts or only a whole bar?

I haven’t tried it yet, but as far as I understand it will snap the end, so I assume it will end at the next beat after you press the pad. I don’t see a way to specify a fixed length recording or something of the sort. But, this should allow to record samples that then loop perfectly, given that the tempo is known of course.

While re-reading the manual (the new one) I discovered a workaround to record perfect length resamples: it seems that when you resample a pattern chain for which repeat is set to OFF, the sampling stops at the end of the chain.

I haven’t tried it, but that may be a good way to resample a pattern to a length that can be looped perfectly. It doesn’t seem to happen for resample patterns but only pattern chains!


They blink yellow in v1.14! Much better :slight_smile:

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Hooray for a pdf manual!
This update looks good…


So, End snap, when used, snaps the end marker of the sample to the beat before the time when you end the recording.

So, if you want to record one bar, press Rec or the pad after the “1” of the second bar. The whole material is still recorded, but the end marker for playback is set at a quantized location and the sample loops great. Amazing!