Roland cloud frustration. Please help

I apologise for my numptiness in advance but…

I was mooching around the web earlier and I noticed there is now a Juno 60 plugout for the system 8. However I can’t for the life of me understand the whole Roland cloud thing…

There are several memberships, core pro and ultimate and when I watched a YouTube vid giving instructions in how to install the plug in I realised I can’t access the list of instruments that the guy on the screen can access. I’m assuming because I’ve got a free membership? But I can’t see how much the plugout is to buy plus the YouTube guy was taliking about renting or buying the software? I can’t understand which membership option is the one for me? All I want to do is install the plug out… no interest in zen core stuff but the options for each level of membership are confusing the hell out of me?

Edit. So it looks like I’ve got to subscribe to the ultimate package apt 20.00 per month as that allows me to “purchase lifetime keys” (but still no mention of price… please don’t tell me you only find out how much that costs once you subscribe?. I’m deffo not paying £20.00 a month for a plug out. Is that correct?

Are there any cloud users who can point me in the right direction? For instance if I go with the $2.99 membership does that mean I’m paying monthly for the use of the plug out? Or do I have to pay $20.00 per month just to get the plug out download as a vst which I then run in my daw and send to the S8? I’m really confused and just a bit frustrated by the whole episode. The website is as clear as mud imo and all I seem to get is a flash based advert for the product and no buy/download button?

Second edit… so after bit more poking around their site it would appear I need an ultimate membership (the most expensive) BEFORE I can even see how much I have to pay for the lifetime license. Seems from other threads elsewhere that the plugout was freely available up until a few weeks ago with the basic membership.

Argh, the Roland website is a cluster****. Let me see if I remember.

First, have you registered your current Roland gear? If not, go here.
You’ll eventually get an email with any promos that you’re entitled to.

In the meantime, sign in to Roland Cloud here and download the Cloud software. Once installed, it’ll make a lot more sense once you open it and take a look around.

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Thanks for the reply. I did join the cloud at which point I realised I have to subscribe to the most expensive package before I can see how much the license key if for the plug out.

I’m fairly sure I registered my S8 when I got it as I was already registered on their backstage site. It seems they were offering deals and downloads to registered users up to 31st jan this year.

With an Ultimate membership, the Juno 60 is $149 USD for a lifetime key.

My understanding is that once you purchase a lifetime key, your subscription level has no bearing on your access that specific instrument. But if you downgrade from Ultimate to free, you’ll lose access to all the other instruments that are available with the Ultimate subscription.

I guess that puts the cost at $169…

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Thanks for the reply. :+1: