Roland Boutique SH-01A


Thank you


Tr8 sounds excellent. Tb3 needs help from a pedal or two but is very useful to programme live. These are pretty good machines.


As1 is fine.


Timing is everything. I have an octatrack mk2 based on being in US for business and taking a chance on pre order. Worked out and I have quite a few nights ahead in a hotel with unit, manual and YouTube. Sounds fucking bleak but I feel quite lucky…


I do not think the TR8 sounds excellent though. The few times I have demoed using it, it just doesn’t compare to the real things. But its good that other people find uses for it.

The controls didn’t seem to have nearly as much sweet spots as the original 808 & 909, both of which I have been personally jamming on in my youth. I think I even prefer my MFB522 over the BOB sounds in the TR8 in this regard, even though the 522 is nowhere near same sounding.


If we disregard legacy for a second and its influence it has on our judgement, then I’ll pick the Tanzbar over any other analogue drummer. In terms of sound and sequencer, it’s my all time favourite.


I don’t think they’ve been released yet, it looks like just the grey ones at present i’m not sure whether to pull the trigger now bfore I miss out like I did with the JU 06


I could not resist and i ordered a sh-01a in red. After testing TAL Bassline (Plugin emulation of the sh 101, pretty good!), i just realized how awesome this Synth can be for Basslines and even Leads. Dos anybody know when the red and the blue will be avaible? It looks like that the only ones in the online shops are in grey. And even those seem to be pretty rare?!


I own a grey one and pre-ordered a blue one a few months ago. According to the latest information from the store I placed the pre-order at, they’re expecting them in the first or second week of December.

They’re all out of grey ones, and they do expect to get a new batch of those together with the red and blue ones.


Thanks a lot for your reply. I saw that a lot of shops listed them in december, but nothing specific. Can’t wait for it, really fell in love with the sound. I was hopeing that some stores already have som, but it seams that only the greys were shipped, and way to many of them :frowning:



H*ckin cute synthesizer.


Looks betray. Turns out, mine’s broken. Connector to keyboard was all funky. So this is just for show.


I bought myself a Keystep, for 20 bucks more it’s doing quite a lot more than the Boutique keyboard.

This little synth is quickly becoming my favorite, it’s so easy to control the sound, a blessing.
With OT FX on top, I get a wide palette of sound, can just work on a loop for hours…
I love the sequencer, dead simple and 100 steps !
And the way the menu is done, it’s so easy to swap sounds or patterns.

This synth is the basics well done.


This thread ruined me. I was ready to resist (and did, for several days!), but ended up placing a pre-order for a blue one. It’s supposed to arrive on 26-Oct. so I suppose I have about a week to change my mind. Inspired by the Digitakt, I sold a bunch of eurorack and am looking for the right little companion to the DT.


Fuck me too! I missed out on the ju-06 but I definitely need the red sh-01a ! It’s part of my dream team!


Everybody needs an 01!


Hah :blush: dealer said he’ll take care of it, though the waiting for a new model will be long.

”You can always trade it in and get the new A4 instead, which I noticed you enjoyed yesterday.”

Oh, man.


I really struggles to connect the keyboard to the module it was very frustrating. I love the thing but 1/4 inch outputs and a cheaper keyboard to go with it would’ve made me feel much more like I got my moneys worth


I did it. Red one. Expected to be shipped in mid december.