Roland Boutique SH-01A


Are there any 101 or 202 users here that have compared the SH-01A to the vintage units? I have a 202 and that thing will melt subwoofers if one isn’t careful but the damn CPU issue with the CV just bugs to no end. I’m not so inclined as to hack it up and add the bypass mods either so I have considered the SH-01A. :rooster:


Just got mine. This thing sounds great! I haven’t even started with poly mode yet


Quick - don’t think - two SH01A or one SH01A and one SE-02?




I’m torn, though. 8 voices and that SH01 sequencer is a pretty powerful duo.

Though the character of the SE-02 is quite distinct, yet very appropriate together with, the SH01.

Ah, the humanity!


I have the SH-101 plugout in my System-1 so I reeeeally don’t need one but I’m still GASing for the 01A, mostly for the sequencer. It looks like a lot of fun.


Absolutely, yes. Got both. Awesome.


I had a dream last night where I found a beat to pieces grey SH-101 at a garage sale but it wasn’t even cheap.

I think that was a sign.


Right. This is spiralling out of control. I am getting an SE-02 to go with my SH01A, so help me god.



The problem with these boutiques is that you’ll always have room for more and you’ll always think you can afford another one.


Dear lord, yes.

Though I don’t much care for the other boutiques. For now.


ive also got system1 with 101 plugout , lush vst and now a sh01a .
its a nice little device , nice to have proper slider layout and sequencer
maybe i should try loading it up on the system1m too , not sure i want to buy another 101 plugout though.

i have the following boutiques…would like 808 but i have the tr8 and lots of nice samples on my digitakt.
A-01 with that tiny keyboard.


That is most certainly by design.


I just got my Juno-60 back in use, and I definitely don’t have any room for more synths now - I only sort of wish it was boutique-sized. :wink:


I bought a Dominion Club and SH-01A, so you’re doing better than me (w/regard to spending at least) lately. I actually compared the SE-02 to the Dominion Club because they have some similar features (don’t sound very similar though) and went with the club. No regrets since the club is a bit more of a professional instrument, but I do keep wondering about the SE-02.

How do you like the SE-02?


I just got my red sh-01a on order!!!


Don’t have one yet. They’re all out here. Seems it’ll be awhile until they’re back, so I guess I’ll just dig deeper into the SH01 for now.


which one?


I meant which VST; I knew you were taking about the SH-01A