Roland Boutique SH-01A


obvious! thanks you


Good one!


Someone posted at screenshoot from japanese roland site with the numbers produced of each boutique.
Somehow some people dont believe they are limited because they still are in stock some places, but they are.


I’d love to see how limited the D-05 is. I was considering getting a second one even though my first one has yet to arrive.




Think about this: If Roland makes $ 250 per unit, it would be 1750000 $ then they have to pay for employes, plus research and development,material, manufactures etc. For a big company like Roland this would not make sense. Calling something “limited” is a old marketing trick to sell a lot of units. I will probably buy a sh-01a (red or blue) but i will buy when the reduce the price from 400 to 300$. Some Shops already sell the TR-09 for 300$. But if anybody knows more please correct me.


Told myself the same for JU-06. Price only rose.
Hopefully I like the SH-01a better :smiley:


I want them all. They’re super fun imo.


What’s the sequencer like on the first boutiques? I’ve heard they’re very basic, hardly fit for proper compositions, whereas the SE-02, TR-08 and SH01A seem able to hold their own when it comes to more solid sequences.


The one on my JX is super basic. Monophonic, only 16 notes, no slides, memory for only 16 patterns. But it’s nice to have. I can play a little loop while editing a patch. You can also seemlessly switch patterns.


So with the SH-01A, do the portamento slides that can be programmed in the sequencer sound totally rad on chords?


Disappointing. It’s a very basic 16 steps. No chords, no parameter automation in any way. You can set a global gate time and add swing if I’m not mistaken, but that’s it.

Even though they sounds great, the original boutiques are a bit of a disappointment in terms of polyphony and in terms of replicating the performance features that made the originals so much fun.

They did learn from those though, I think. They’ve done a much better job on the SH-01a and the TB-03 in those regards.


I keep on thinking of this guy, to pair with the SH-01A. I think the two shades of blue would look really nice next to each other as well.


FWIW, even though chords are a really fun addition to the SH-01A, you will be disappointed if you think adding a chorus will make it sound like a Juno.

Even though there are similarities, the SH-101 was clearly intended as a monosynth and sounds just a bit “too much” as a poly.


Personally, I want it to sound different; like a more powerful juno. I want it to do nice leads that sometimes do chords. I do dig the poly sounds from this demo.


Ok, thanks. Nothing for me then.


Thanks. Nothing here to see, then.


Have you checked CC#93 (values 1-3) ?

This was the hidden juno chorus on the JP-08, not mentioned in any MIDI documentation.

Might be on the SH-01A


If it isn’t on CC#93, I’d check all other CC#s and see what might be hidden under the hood.


I know peeps have checked, but weren’t able to find any extra features. I’m still waiting on mine to ship.


Don’t get me wrong; the poly feature is an excellent addition and I’m very happy it’s there. I’m also really happy with the chord memory they added.

It’s just that it ain’t a Juno and that you won’t get the same kind of sweet pads out of it by adding a chorus after it. :slight_smile: