Roland Boutique SH-01A


Since the blue and red ones are limited, I figure if I hold on to it long enough until they are all sold out, I’d most likely be able to make a profit off of it if I ended up wanting to sell it.


Roland SH-01A +

= :fire::fire::fire:


on the fence, and close to ordering a grey one…
would match the OT MKII but the Red one also appeals to me, though not quite yet available.

OP-1’s endless seq was so inspiring for me, and the 64seq/64patch memories of the SH-01A makes it incredibly tempting.


The sequencer is 100 steps


Indeed it is.
100 steps per sequence. 64 sequence memories on board.


Got myself a grey one yesterday to match the forthcoming OT mkII :smile:

I’m fond of Boutique. So easy to bring everywhere.
And 4 notes is Elektron MIDI sequencers standard :wink:


This is what makes the 101 great imo. Pushing past that 64 note limit and coming up with happy accidents.


Sorry mate wasn’t tryna make you out to be a dick. The 100 step capability made it a lot more interesting to me (I just received one) suddenly.i sound like 1995


I love endless also, I am seriously considering this synth.
Hate that the keybed dock is an add on. Not overly liking the scribble strip design on this. They could of laid out the panel better ala the 808.


Just received the SH01a today.
Very impressive, during my experiments I discovered a lot of sweet sounds…
Being able to play chords is welcome, PWM sounds great, I love the creamy filter.
But most of all it feels really easy to navigate, even the menus are pretty quick.

Unison misses some parameters, a pity.
And I couldn’t transpose a sequence with my external keyboard, a bit weird…

Love it, and I just started to know it !


It is terrible! I still want to buy a SH-01A although I don´t need it like I explained earlier in this discussion. The only way to get around it is a second Dixie II+ Oscillator for my Eurorack so that I can mimic all features of the SH-101. My first serious sign of GAS since a very long time.


Yep. Just when I think my GAS is under control! SH-01a poly demos start showing up. I’d probably want it if it were mono only, but the poly demos are about to push me over the edge. $350 just seems a bit too high at the moment. I’d consider waiting since I got the JX-03 and TB-03 at much better prices, but then again these SH-01a’s could eventually disappear like the JU-06 has apparently. Really tempted. All I need is a bit of a sale and I’ll pick one up.


The JU-06 and JP-08 are more expensive on the second hand marked now compared to the original price in the stores. I predict that the same happens to the SH-01A since everyone wants one and it will be out of stock in a year or so. It is a fantastic synth and the polyphonic sequencer with its step input via midi makes it even better.


Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming honestly. I remember how these little synths were made fun of when first released. But the market has spoken I guess. I kept waiting and waiting to buy a JU-06 after I sold my Juno 106. Perfect Circuit Audio had them used in the low $200’s routinely. Damn. Guess I missed the good price on that. But I think the poly SH-01a will get me close enough to that sound. Slap TAL’s Juno chorus on it and I’m good to go.


I don’t think you’ll have to worry about the grey SH-01A running out of stock; it’s not a limited like the JU, JX, and JP. The blue and red versions on the SH-01A are limited though, and I predict they will go up in value after they have sold out. It seems like the red is more popular; I prefer the blue though.


SH101A is limited, I guess they make 5000 grey, 1000 blue and 1000 red.


On my OT I’m sending MIDI out to a drum machine and the SH0-1A. I’m sending transport out so the drum machine sequencer plays along but this also starts the SH-01A sequencer. Anybody know how to stop this happening or is it just how it is?


I think you can just make an empty pattern, or tell the OT to stop sending those messages.


Really? Where did you hear this? Better grab one now if that’s the case.


Switch the Midi Clock Source to INT or LFO.