Rocker switch 0-coast


I bought an on/off switch for the moog mother, which is similar to those found on a desktop lamp. Can’t for the life of me remember where I got it from.

I need one for the 0 Coast, but I’m buggered if I can find what I’m looking for.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?




The lack of power switches on the 0-Coast and others (the Erebus, for instance) is quite inconvenient. Did you add the lamp switch to the Mother’s PSU cable?


Yeah it’s a switch that goes between the power and the unit. Been suffering from death by Google and haven’t been able to find the one I bought a couple of years back.


I believe that this is what you are looking for:

I’ll also get one for my 0-Coast, good idea :slight_smile:


Agggh! Yes! Thank you so much!

An inline switch, that’s what they are called. Cheers dude.

The make noise is 15v btw.


Perfect - just what’s needed; nice one.


Will these be OK? They say 12v but the 0 Coast is 15. Or are you using on the erebus?


I was wondering the same. The Erebus is 12v so would be fine.


So is the moog, which has that exact switch - so I can confirm that works!

I’ll look around and report back here then. Now I know what they are called…!


Well the highest I’ve found, goes to 13. So I’m not sure if there’s one available for the 0 Coast. But can confirm the 12 works fine on the moog mother 32


Its probably fine. It’s just a contact breaking switch in plastic box so it should be fine up to several dozens of volts. Current is more critical here, I would not use it for over few hundred mA.


Cool-thats good to know.

How probable is probably? Thanks.


Enough for me to use it in my studio, if I would miss the power switch. I don’t need it for 0-Coast but it’s cool to know that this product exists.


Sweet. Ok well I’m not shy of taking advice from Internet strangers, so I shall order another and see what happens!


Bought some of these to use with 0-Coast, Keystep etc etc, and they seem to work fine so far:


Nice one. Bought that and it’s perfect. Thanks for the heads up.


They can be fiddly with some power sockets and not with others, but they generally do the job.