Rock industrial drums for RYTM?


Are there any drum collections that will give me the NIN, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Machines of Loving Grace sound?


The only one of those I’m really familiar with is NIN, and those drum sounds are from allllll over the place.

That said, I tend to go for aggressive/industrial style drums with live drum samples + distortion and other effects.

Do you use any DAW? Most of those are chock full of killer drum kits. I’ve been exporting kits from Reason (Kong specifically) for a recent project.

Other than that I’ve somehow ended up with like 8 gigs of loopmaster samples between software and hardware bundles. Not fun to pick through, but you can usually find something useful when you do.


Thanks man.

I guess what I was asking was does Elektron sell a soundset like this?

I see all sorts of soundsets being sold for Digitakt etc

I just wanted a ready-made “rock industrial” sounset that I can then warp to taste.


You’ll have to browse/listen to the packs available for any of the samplers - the RYTM can accept Digitakt samples no problem, so if you find a pack for the 'takt, the octatrack, or other engines that contain sounds you like, you should be able to load those samples into your RYTM.

You can also resample the sounds from similar drums in your DAW’s drum kits and load those into your RYTM.

Learning how to do this is not hard and will teach you a lot about how your RYTM works so you can start to more quickly get the sounds you want.


The drums from ‘Closer’ by NIN are a sample of the drums from ‘Nightclubbing’ by Iggy Pop.

That in no way, shape, or form helps with this request.


This is a good pack for the old industrial sound.

And this one


I’m just a copy of a copy of a copy …



Just look for old sr-16 samples and start from there. They’re all over the web


Take a look at the Kawai R100/R50, most of the Wax Trax! band had one back in the day. Samples are all over the internet.


Also, Skinny Puppy used the TR 909/808/707/727 a lot, usually through a huge effect rack.


Thank you for all the replies. The two soundsets mentioned above are pretty good ready-made.

I’m not that skilled with the RYTM yet and I know I am some time before I can really understand how to craft some fat & punchy drums on my own.

I have boatloads of samples from the period machines mentioned. I also have 3 R8M with a bunch of add-on cards.

My idea was to get a solid rock/industrial soundset and then start dropping in my own drum samples and tweak to taste.

There’s a lot to programming good analog drum sounds that I don’t understand and I’d like to learn in this way. A reverse engineering of the soundset, if you will.

Thanks again.


There you are.


I’d look to see if any Rytm Soundpacks have R8 samples. Mike from Machines of Loving Grace mixed an album for an old band of mine, and we used some of his synths in the process. I think MOLG was using a R5 or an R8 if I’m not mistaken (and they used one of those old Roland Octapads or whatever they were called). Speaking of drums and MOLG - their drummer Brad was my drummer in my first band.


interesting, didn‘t know that


I’m great in pub quizzes!


That’s cool man! Small world.

I’m pretty sure Trent Reznor co-produced Concentration. You can hear NIN from that era all over it. He didn’t produce their next record, Guilt, and to me it fell flat.

Do remember the band Prick? The record they released on nothing is truly a gem. I bought an interface from a dude 10 years ago in Greenpoint, BK. I see on the wall a Gold Record for Prick. He was the bassist! He was blown away that I knew the band. I love that album. Check it out some time.