Ripcord - USB power for 9V wall wart boxes


Had a reply on the kickstarter site, looking forward to trying it myself tonight on the Rytm and A4:

It’s not going to be a problem. What we found was that a lot of devices had “peaky” current draw, usually a high inrush current (as the device boots up).

When we say 9W, we mean that we’ve tested ripcord outputting 9W for 8 hours, without any adverse problems, no overheating, or any variation in output voltage.

We engineered it so it’s comfortable at that. It will also handle current draw peaks of up to 16W. So we’re speccing on the safe side.

Very few handheld musical devices will need more than that.

In terms of device protection, we think it is well covered, any decent device requiring over 16W will be engineered to be able to deal with power outs, even if it’s just reverting to reset.


How many hours battery life are you getting out of the Anker powercore & OT / digitakt combo?


These seem interesting.

Would it be possible for a power bank like this to run two 12v and one 18v Ripcords along with a standard 5v from the 4 ports?


I got about 6 hours out of the digitakt when there was 3 out of 4 blue lights left on the battery so I reckon about 8 hours on full charge.


wicked :ok_hand:


Received mine yesterday. The tip set and polarity checker were nice additions. I’m actually very impressed with the product. Their taking the time to get it right has at least produced a very nice design and sturdy-looking product. I’ll give it a spin with a powerbank and Octatrack this weekend. Will report back.


Just orders a set for OT, Volca and 9V- for some pedals, excited for the potential


So great,… want one 12 v as soon as possible for digitakt/digitone . need one of those asap. What do you need to order in extra of the cable exactly?


USB power source (from wall power or battery pack) and the proper tip adapter (which I don’t know for the digis)


Just got the 5 way power splitter for my Volcas.
I can vouch for quality :slight_smile:


Sweet. I want a couple of these for my Zoia and headphone amp for a little remote patching!


Yeh id think the ripcord would burn out if you try and power something more than its rated at.


Is the OT psu not greater than than the 1Amp the Ripcord can provide?


The OTII seemed to draw power of 7.5w which is below the rated 9W of the Ripcord.


Do you experience any increase in noise when powering the volcas with the splitter? I have one and it cannot really be practically used due to the added noise… It sounds almost like a chord, with each note caused by one volca each…


The PSU are rated higher than that but if the device(OT) is only drawing then alls good. Tempted to buy one. Ive got a usb battery lying about somewhere.


Sorry for the late reply.
I had an issue with the single AC adapter at first.
Then realized it was due to the audio cable used with the Volca KICK.
Apart from that no issue with the 5 way splitter.
Volcas are known (I have read and experiencied it) to have their own minds :slight_smile:


Update: my 10,000 mAh battery pack does not have enough ooomph to start my OT mkII. What kind of battery packs are you folks using that can delivery the necessary juice for an OTmkII?


Well, this setup is working great. Only issue is didn’t get correct adapter for Volca (should have bought adpater pack :D)