RIP Neil Peart

I know he wasn’t an electronic musician but he was so much larger than life and influential that I thought I’d post this.


all this machinery making modern music
can still be open-hearted - not so coldly charted
it’s really just a question of your honesty



Sad sad news. RIP a legend.

Saw him on this tour in Manchester with a very good drummer friend and huge Neil Peart fan who bought me the ticket.


Although I’d never class myself as a rock music fan (and I’ve played in a few rock bands) Rush were, to me, somehow different. Had this tape in my car for years and played it to death. Maybe it was the synths that hooked me? It was deffo the musicianship of them that stood out.

“And the meek shall inherit the earth”

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“Some are born to move the world, to live their fantasies but most of us just dream about the things we’d like to be. Sadder still to watch it die than never to have known it. For you the blind who once could see…the bells tolls for thee…”

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I used to baffle the audience on my dj gigs from time to time by playing Tom Sawyer in the middle of modern electronic dance music. It always got a reaction, mostly positive.

It was kinda freakish to notice that everybody from Brian Wilson, Questlove, the remaining members of Nirvana, Dam-Funk and Chuck D to the guys from Metallica all wrote heartfelt dedications for Neil Peart on social media. Rush truly crossed all musical borders.


Wonderful musician that pushed what percussion was in Rock at the time. RIP


In 1981 at the age of 15, I attended a RUSH concert during their Moving Pictures tour.
I still remember that I was very impressed and I also remember Neil Part doing his crazy drum solo.
I haven’t been listening to their last albums since then, as my generell interest in Rock music lead me to different bands over the years, more punk and indi stuff.

Nice story!
Playing this song on a regular modern dance party with a big sound system must have been a joy.
Recently I listened to the Moving pictures album again and especially Tom Sawyer still gives me goosebumps, great song!



Absolutely fabulous drummer. Rush are one of my biggest influences. Cheers Neil!!! :sob:

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a DJ could segue from Tom Sawyer to Meat Grinder quite smoothly:


Yes, I am sure it will work great :smile:

Listening to some Madvillain tracks right now. Great stuff, thanks for sharing :wink:

Sad to hear Neil Peart isnt among us. The ‘song’ that sold me to them for a while:

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Was fortunate enough to see him on the Clockwork Angels tour. RIP!

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