Rigging a Midi Keyboard to an Analog Four

Yes, I understand what you mean.
Unfortunately it doesn´t work.

I will try out a factory reset.

I bought it today used, maybe it will help.

Also the factory reset don´t work, to bad.

here are my ableton settings for the A4 in dark blue.

I use 4x audio tracks and 1x midi track with the overbridge plugin for the A4, inside the midi track I change midi from: komplete kontrol S61.

Anything wrong in this setting or further suggestions?

No reset neccessary imo. I’ll get in touch tomorrow, eventually we can sort it out.
Do you have a midi interface? First I’d like to check if it works that way, then tty the OB route.

I have the Rme fireface ucx with also midi in and outs.
The strange thing with the midi keboard is that I have this 2x times in the ableton option menue, wish I could delete one of this entries.
Normaly it should be only one in Ableton.

On the other side all vsts works great with the midi keyboard, so it would be great to even use the analog four with this keyboard.

Great that you will come back to me today, appreciate that and I will be available this evening after the worktime.

No ongoing yesterday to this issue with the midi keyboard.
Has someone maybe another idea?


I also have the A4 and while I do not typically use overbridge with it, I have done this in the past and you aren’t crazy, it is not intuitive how to get it working.

  1. Make sure that on the A4 you have MIDI+OB enabled in Global / MIDI Config / Port Config / “Input From”, and also that you have have audio routing set up so that none of the tracks are routed to Main ( in Global / Audio Routing )

Also make sure that you have “Track” Input enabled in Ableton’s MIDI preferences for the “Analog Four ( Elektron MIDI )” MIDI device, this allows you to route MIDI directly to the A4 instead of going through OB, this is important for method 2:


There are two main methods I’ve used:

  1. configure four MIDI channels. In the first MIDI channel put the A4 Overbridge plugin, and for each of the other three, assign “MIDI To” to the “A4 Track 1” instrument for each track select channels 2 through 4:

Then configure Audio tracks to route the individual channels from the A4 back to the mixer:

The benefits to this method are that you don’t have to fiddle with both Ableton and the A4, you can just record arm the correct MIDI track and play your keyboard and the right sound will come out. It’s particularly good if you have a push ( I do ) as it lets you select a MIDI track and start playing, from any configured MIDI input.

Another “benefit” is you can record MIDI in Ableton in which case you’re really just treating the A4 like a sound module. Up to you.

  1. If you want to use Auto Channel, the setup is a little simpler actually, but it requires you to switch channels on the A4. This method assumes you are just recording notes into the A4’s sequencer tracks or playing the sounds on the A4 live.

To do this, create a MIDI track and put the A4 plugin there, then disable input on that track. Next, create another MIDI track and for output select the “Analog Four ( Elektron MIDI )” MIDI device and select Channel 9, the Analog Four’s Auto Channel.

You would configure 4 Audio channels to route Audio back from the A4 just like in the first example.

In this setup you should be able to trigger notes on the currently selected A4 Track from that single MIDI channel and then play notes into the A4’s sequencer.

Aside: I think there are a few different ways to do this with various trade-offs but these are the ones I got working. I’d be curious if I’m missing something obvious here. Ableton and the A4 with OB are both quite complex so no one way to do something.

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Dear Stripcycle,
I’m really very grateful for your great detailed answer. :pray:
Fortunately I could completed my midi issue this Friday evening after a short break to this topic.
I am really happy know, think you could imagine and I can use and enjoy now this wonderful sounds of this incredible machine.

I guess there are different ways to handle this issues but for me it is in order now.

The interesting thing is that I let in the audio routing of the A4 the routes to the main active and also the FX.

Here is a pic of my setup, I am not sure if it would be clear for you with only this screenshot but who knows.

I will definitely try out your method in an blank ableton project next weekend.

Also thanks again to all other guys here that try to help me, I appreciate that.

Best musical regards from Germany,


Hey Marc!

That’s clear to me, it looks like you are doing something very similar to my option 2: using a single MIDI in routed to the auto channel.

It definitely is an interesting trade-off with overbridge and how the audio architecture of the A4 works, that all FX are routed to Main 1/2 from each of the stereo voices. Honestly I’d taken to using the A4 voices Dry as nice as the onboard FX are because it was so awkward bouncing a voice + fx down individually, even with Overbridge! I can see how some might want a separate stem printed of just the FX for a composition, but that’s not how I like to work.

cheers, Jeff