Ribbon Connectors on the Octatrack Mk1

Hi Team, I just replaced the battery but didn’t make a note of the ribbon connectors fixing.
Looking at a few videos It would seem that my top plate ribbons are not situated like the ones in the videos, that being the correct side of the red stripe. Not wanting to mix the power leads up does someone have the correct infomation about where the red stripe goes on the top three connectors
and where that marries up on the bottom pcb.
Boring question and I’m an idiot for not making a note. But I sunk my last money into this MK1 last week and I’ll be sick if I fry it. I burnt out a new eurorack module recently that didn’t have the “foolproof connector” so I’m feeling stupid already. Thanks.

I don’t know the orientation but perhaps posting a picture for reference might help. If you don’t get an answer here then reach out to Elektron support. I’m sure they would be happy to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks I will try and take a photo.

I’ll show you my Mk1 with the ribbons disconnected, but it’s only for reference …

when they’re on the top plate properly there’s pretty much no ambiguity how they fit below … or there should be

Those cables are in their established shape - so this info may help you, but use it with all due diligence


Thank you yes, I see but the bocks on the top can actually be positioned 180 to that, but as you say they are not twisted when inserted in the bottom board. Mine are all twisted so its difficult to determine the correct red to red positioning. I’d like to see or know what the correct red to red was. But I guess it doesn’t matter essentially as a wire is a wire.
Thanks for your help

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You can see the as-connected orientation of the red wires from these photos.


Excellent, thanks very much.
Cheers everyone.

Weird how pin 1 is marked on at least some of the headers, but doesn’t appear to actually correspond to the red stripe.

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Yes indeed, I have seen several pictures of these ribbons now and they are often reversed, or at least the red track is reversed. The slider block ribbon can only be fitted one way due to the idiot proof plug and socket, so one has to loop the ribbon carefully to correspond to the pictures on other devices. The other two blocks appear to be very securely fitted so I am loath to prise them off the upper pcb, so I have fitted the end of these blocks as per the diagrams here even though on mine the red stripe does not correspond to other fitments from the top pcb. Quite confusing. On the first fitting of the ribbons the headphone socket and volume control didn’t work as designed. So I took it apart. But after fitting it the same way three times it finally worked correctly. They look like nasty blocks anyway so perhaps they need wiggling to site correctly. It all works again and I am only slightly wiser. Thanks to everyones effort and help.

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Oh, the OT is about the only piece of gear I own that I HAVEN’T opened up, I thought the OP’s issue was that it didn’t have keyed headers for the cables so it was possible to connect them backward. If they’re keyed it shouldn’t be possible to mess up as long as the cables are built right.

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And that is the issue. They can be inserted the wrong way. Or should I say incorrectly.

If all of them have pin 1 marked and someone can confirm that they’re all connecting the same pin numbers on each board, then it wouldn’t matter which way you connected the ribbon cables as long as it was the same on both ends (relative to pin 1), but if that isn’t how it’s hooked up (which seems unlikely but you never know) then it’s not so simple.