Reverb on track 6, any way to send variable amounts to it?

I’ve had my new Monomachine for a couple of days now.

I’ve kind-of figured out the buss system, but am wondering if there’s any way to send a variable amount of signal to a reverb on track 6?

Best I’ve managed to achieve so far, is to output a sound-source track to both AB and CD, then input CD on the reverb track. Putting the reverb track mix to maximum then adjusting the input amount.

I’d really like to send an adjustable amount to CD.

If that’s not possible, any alternative ways of working?


How about copying your source track to a 2nd track, which then goes to a reverb-machine? The input to reverb would be the adjusted by the 2nd tracks volume. This would cost you one more track, hm, …

hm, just rethinking… couldn’t you just p-lock the “input” parameter on the reverb-track?

it could be, but “slaving” also other tracks sharing the effect.
Anyway nice suggestion!

We still need an actual send level…

Yeah, I kind of presumed that MnM would be able to do variable send to a reverb when I ordered it.

Essentially, reverb amount on each channel / track is possible on Octatrack and Machinedrum.

Having to eat a MnM track purely for reverb anyhow is a disappointment.

Haven’t you found a way to do this in the past 6 years ?

I don’t like MM reverb that much, I use external high-end stompboxes such as the Space, and encounter similar limitations. Only thing is I don’t loose track 6, as I redirect tracks with reverb on E/F stereo out. Well, you have to add the cost and form factor of the external FX, as well.

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