Reverb on FX1 slot hack

I’m thinking the ‘nasty artifacts’ by using 2 reverbs would/could be great to resample for further exploration… :thinking:

Great find :exploding_head:


Nice thorough testing! Pretty weird indeed, but the whole hack is weird and great :wink: Pitty it only works for the reverb: would love to have FX1: delay, FX2 reverb, but hey, it still is an OT.


This one is worth a try! … mmm artifact challenge?


Go for it!
I’m away from mine at the moment so I’ll have to wait :persevere:

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I don’t have an OT but wondering whether this state can be saved?

Nice find :smile:

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I’m near mine, but not enough time these days… :sob:


Can it be more interesting (about the sound) than a classical reverb@FX2 ?

Answering myself : Yes it is :kissing_closed_eyes:

Edit = LFO still working …

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The reverbs are the same, but before FX2. Doesn’t sound the same with many fx.
It is more complicated to set reverb settings once copied.

The most interesting is probably the ability to use a reverb + a delay on 1 track, in order to save tracks. Dubby Track !

More possibilities with a Neighbor track, even more with Recorder+Flex used as Neighbor, (even more with CUE recording + feedback).

I think so. Checking…yes, reloaded with power cycle, saved with project and / or parts.

Everything set before is working (plocks/scenes). You can set plocks on other tracks and paste them.
Midi control doesn’t work.


LFO will work even after the paste on my Octatrack, I can choose destination event if dest are named “none 1> F”
That is gvery cool.

On an other way I cannot use Comb filter and chorus … Maybe other on FX 2, so much clipping.

This is bomb seriously…


Yeah lfos can be also used as controls anytime.

I also noticed problems with Comb filters, Chorus, Flanger, Spatializer, reverbs…other fx seem ok.

I though Chorus / Flanger were working correctly, maybe with some special config I tested…


Could be because tracks 1-4 are run on DSP 1 and 5-8 on DSP 2? Though that doesn’t account for the odd number only tracks :smile:



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I’m amazed that nobody discovered this before. Great find!


I’m impressed by all the possibilities ! You guys are amazing ! I only have OT second week now and you already gave me so many ideas that I may call in sick tomorrow haha


Really good start :smile: ! Was it intendend (Fx2 copy)?


Yes i wanted to see whats going to happen, you should see my face when it worked :exploding_head:


Soooo excited to try this tonight! No more burning two tracks to have rev + delay available for an external synth!

Hope your beginners luck keeps on going @Kacper :star_struck:


Maybe the ‘odd number only’ has something to do with possible neighbor machines? Just my 2 cents…


I thought about Neighbor too. As if it was using Neighbor’s reverb. :thinking:
But anyway, tracks 2/3/4 and 6/7/8 can be Neighbor, it doesn’t correspond (track 2 and 6 should work).


Awesome find :+1:

I’m amazed it works, you’d expect the limitation of one delay/reverb is due to memory , so have one fixed buffer per track.

I’d assume the noise we are hearing is due to two fx slots reading/writing to the same buffer ( or memory at least) , but it’ll be unexpected and so unsynchronized / unstable.

It’s an odd thing (in my mind at least) for this to be across tracks, I’d have thought it would cause issues with fx1 and fx2.
But hey without seeing some code we are in the dark

I wonder if odd things start to happen if you use max time on all ‘available’ reverbs.

One thing I’d be careful of … usually unintentional memory overruns don’t often end up being good news ( except if your a security hacker ;))

Definitely a fun thing to experiment with, perhaps before Elektron close the loophole :slight_smile: