Reset rotary encoders


Hi guys, quick question:
is there a shortcut / button to reset/recenter the rotary encoders to ‘twelve o’ clock’?



Not all parameter defaults are at noon. You can reset an entire Page to it’s default state by holding the Page button and hitting Play / Clear…there is no way to reset an individual parameter.


If you hold function and turn the encoders they jump from minimum to 12 o’clock then maximum.
Although I just tried it on my mk1 running the latest (beta) os and it only seemed to work on the synth and sample pages.
I’m sure it used to work on all pages (filter, lfo etc.)
Maybe a bug. Will report.


I was encountering the same problem! thats why I asked


Only a few parameters would operate like that, normally the function snapping was used to expedite landing on useful values (like a pot with a physical snap point) - many other parameters had values that are not min/mid/max - often there would be well thought out snap points but often useful ones are sadly missing or pointless ones seem to be there like it was a default

So which specific regressions have you guys noticed out of interest, I’m running an older OS to compare with if you like ?

This is one of my pet hates about the UX, there are opportunities to make life easy for the many users by making a few well considered amendments


Fair point. Mainly useful for the bipolar parameters where you may want to quickly snap to 0.
And in fact, that seems to be how it is mostly implemented eg. Lfo amount does actually still work with function + turn in the current beta.
Doesn’t work on the filter EG amount though, which would be useful.