Replacing Elektron SFX60 mk2 battery

Here is some photo of the process.
Yesterday the MnM boot and after few pattern change it freeze after 3 minutes of use.
I stop it and restart it and still stuck.
So I’m in the process of replacing battery which was never changed.

Take real care when removing the UI pcb in green. There is really small cable between the green pcb and below pcb. And not lots of room to unplug those cable.

The battery is a CR2450, unfortunately I was sure it was a CR2032. And 2450 are bigger.


The two cable are those one.


Awesome. This will come in handy for sure.

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Managed to swap out my battery. Only confident enough to open it up thanks to these photos, so thanks!


You’re welcome !
It is definitely not difficult !
But I know I would have been happy to see what are the thing to not miss :slight_smile: