Renoise a little like the Digitakt!

Maybe it’s just me, but I do feel some similarity to the Renoise sequencer and the Digitakt, proud owner of both, the keyboard clicking in Renoise and the buttons of the Digitakt, somewhat similar! Plus both very smart and powerful sequencers.

Anyway, here’s something I did using Renoise and Reaktor yesterday.


Yep, Elektron gear and trackers are very similar. From what I remember, a few of the guys there have experience with chiptune/demoscene so it’s probably no coincidence!


Yeah Word… So I’ve heard about the history in the demoscene as well. Cause just like the Digitakt, Renoise also has “parameter lock” kinda stuff, for example here, I used probability % on the drums and retrigger steps and what not. Looking forward to integrate my Digitakt with Renoise. And if you haven’t tried Renoise, give it a shot!

Yep, I’ve been using Renoise for around 7 years, and trackers in general for over 20 years :smiley:


Having experience in Renoise helped me make sense of the OT. I haven’t touched Renoise in ages and when I use a daw I use Live but if I were to go back to producing on computer I would go back to it.

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Are you sampling Reaktor into Renoise or is this purely MIDI sequencing?

Wow! That’s a long time bro! My first getting into tracker for real was 1996, after fiddling with some Atari ST trackers my brother lend me his Atari Falcon, it could sample in 16bit, the tracker was called -Digital Tracker- I think… after that I went MPC and all that but now I’m back to trackers again… and the Digitakt. Where can I listen to your Renoise music!? Would love to.

Purely midi sequencing, but yes, you could sample the parts as well. Renoise has a descent sampler and you can convert midi into audio (render to sample) and chop it up and mess around as much as you wish.

Here are a couple of my Renoise-heavy albums:

Titan (cosmic synth prog)
Ace of Space (er, also cosmic, but not quite as proggy, some mild skweee influence here and there)

And this one I made a couple of years ago, prog metal with live guitars/vocals but the drums and synths were all Renoise:


I’m trying to set up my DT & AH with Renoise and I can’t find or create a VST folder containing the OB plugin.

I’ve installed OB but I can only see the standalone version in my apps directory. There appears to be no ‘c:\Program File/VST Plugins’ folder and I don’t know how to make one. In Renoise I did the following ‘Edit/Preferences/VST Plugins’ and it says ‘Not Set.’ I clicked browse but I can’t see an option to create a VST folder or how I would find the OB plugin.

I’m usually a Mac user and this is the first PC I’ve owned/used for music, so setting this up is really confusing, can anyone help?

If there’s no option to create a folder in a context menu, open the directory with windows explorer and right-click in an empty area and choos new -> folder

Vst Plugin folder doesn’t have to be in C: Program Files, just make sure all plugins are installed in the same plugin folder and configure your daw to use this folder.

Thanks, how do I do this?

Each time you install a vst plugin, install in that folder.
Some plugins let you install the application files and data, 32 bit vst and 64 bit vst plugin in different folders and you might want to organize your stuff in a certain way, but just make sure to select the folder you set in Renoise when you install plugins.
Usually it’s also possible to move the .dll file of a vst plugin with copy/paste.
So if you installed any plugin in a wrong folder, find it and move the .dll file to your plugin folder.

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