Remove scratch from wooden end cheeks?

I was rearranging my studio yesterday and somehow managed to get a scratch on one of the end cheeks of my brand new Peak. Really not a big deal, pretty much all of my gear has acquired blemishes in one way or another and I think of it as adding character, lol, but just a tad annoying as it’s brand new and I was being ever so careful with it, no idea how it happened!

So was just wondering if there were any proven tricks for removing scratches from wood that were worth trying? There’s loads on the internet but no idea which actually work! It’s more like a scuff than a deep scratch.

Don’t want to do anything which might make it worse, but if there’s something easy I can try I might as well!

No joke, rub a walnut on it.


Shell on or off? Edit: never mind, I googled it lol. Will try now! I hate walnuts but fortunately my partner likes them lol

That did actually help a little! Thanks!

A furniture beeswax would be sweet. Should help it disappear. :ok_hand:t2:

Great shout, I will try that. My parents keep bees and are always talking about how amazing the wax is etc, haha!

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